The Movie Blog: Uncut – June 13th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the Friday installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut podcast. Well, we already did one podcast earlier today (the special Incredible Hulk Review Podcast) and so now on we go with our regular show. So join Doug and I as we disvuss:

1) The Incredible Hulk Blu-Ray details

2) Star Wars: Clone Wars

3) The new Mummy movie

4) The Best comic book movie casting decisions

5) Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America???

6) James McAvoy NOT in The Hobit

7)The Love Guru vs Get Smart

All this and a few things more.


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21 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – June 13th 2008

  1. Ok you got me on thoes two. However, I think it is unfair to compare The Assassination of Jesse James to ‘3:10 to Yuma’ or even call it a western without having seen it. Although it’s based on western themes, I see it more as a character study.

    wow. I never thought I could sound so pretentious.

  2. Pitt phoned in his ‘performance’ in Babel. i’ll not comment on the other one as i’ve not seen it. nor have i any interest. westerns made in the here & now just seem to be grabs at the oscar. apparently if one dresses up as a cowboy these days, it’s deemed as a ‘serious’ much as a lot of people liked 3:10 To Yuma (myself included) , most of those same people will never give it a second viewing. & Tom, as a further examples, i give thee Brad’s imitation of a piece of wood in Troy & his sleepwalking spy in Mr & Mrs Smith..

  3. I really hope that Marvel hasn’t fallen victim to the same hubris the major studios have done & continue to do: try to rush release shit because they’ve announced dates. Favreau has recently stated he & Downey would rather get IM2 right & make it bigger & better than to rush it as apparently none of those Marvel movies even have scripts started ,much less which are finshed yet. If Marvel has got any smarts, they’ll push those dates forward if they have to. what do y’all think?!?.

    They’d be complete idiots if they pushed Favs out. He & RDJ are the main reasons why IM succeeded. if they boot him out & get the likes of Brett “I Ruined both The Hannibal & X-Men Trilogies” , i’ll have zero interest in seeing a sequel.

    Are they making coomic-based flicks for both the general public while still remaining geek-friendly?, or are they making shite for chicks who read tabloid mags?!?.. it’s a fucking pretty boy parade up there. don’t get me wrong, i think Leo can act his ass off (just not as Cap). Brad is past his use-by date. Snatch was the last decent thing he did back in 2000. 8 Fucking Years! 12 Monkeys,Fight Club & se7en were all prior to that. & no, Ocean’s Eleven don’t count. he just (literally) ate his meals thru that ensemble flick. Outside of McConoughey (who’s known to flash people’s girlfriends for 20 bucks), the other 2 (Pitt & Leo) would charge too much & it wouldn’t be even guaranteed they’d return to reprise the roles.

    Marvel needs to cast outside of the proverbial A-Lister box like the first 2 films. sure, in hindsight Downey Jr & Norton were perfect but nobody thought of them to do their respective films after said projects were announced. butt when their castings were made public, everybody was like FUCKING YES!

    btw I can still picture indiefilm fave Ryan Gosling doin’ a great Steve Rogers & Daniel “Colossus” Cudmore as Thor.

  4. Don’t worry about Dicaprio as Captain America. I can’t believe he’d ever do it. He sticks to dramas.

    I think Get Smart will win next weekend. The first time I saw the trailer was at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. The audience applauded as soon as Steve Carell appeared on screen. People are definitely excited for it.

  5. Also, Spider-Man 3 had a budget of 258 Million. They also had great stars for the first X-Men movie and it only had a budget of 75 Million dollars.


    I think your numbers are inflated quite a bit. Not many actors command that kind of price anymore, no matter how good they are. Movies just aren’t making the kind of money to justify that kind of salary these days, for the most part. I sincerely doubt that Matthew would get that kind of salaray since most of his movies are considered to be box office failures. It doesn’t really matter how great an actor you are, if you don’t bring in the audiance. Thor was originally budgeted at around 300 Million. Marvel asked that it get reduced. I suspect that this is the main reason that Vaughn is off the project. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t bring the script in line with a proper budget. Marvel only got a 500 Million dollar loan. They WOULD NOT put 3/4 of that into ONE movie, no matter how well they thought it might perform. It just wouldn’t be worth the risk to them. Remember that they had to put the rights of the associated characters they were making films for up as collateral for this loan. If they can’t pay it back, than Merril Lynch (i believe that is the loaning company), will own the rights of these characters. Iron Man cost 140 Million, Incredible hulk about 150 Million. I would suspect that the next movies, both Iron Man 2 and Thor will be in the same range. A comparable budget will be used for The First Avenger: Captain America movie. The largest of the Budgets, which at this point, they will be hoping to pay for out of profits from the previous movies, will be The Avengers movie. THAT will be the big budget movie of at least 200+ Million dollars.

    This is all just my opinion of course. I think that Marvel has done things right up to this point, and if they do it differently than what I have suggested, they are opening themselves up for possible dissaster. If Marvel loses the Rights to Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc., that will destroy Marvel. They would lose some of their Flagship Titles. I think that every move they are making currently is being checked, rechecked, double checked, and then checked once again and compared to other options.

    I have every confidence in Marvel at this point and hope to see more great films from them. With their experiences on these last 2 films, hopefully they will only get better at what they are doing.

  7. Ok Guys um Im gonna have to agree with You guys about Matthew McCounoghey(Is that how you spell it). He Could EASILY pull off Captain America. But when you think About it a LOT of money is going to go straight to The Salaries
    Think About it :
    Brad Pitt(Assuming): 25 Million garenteed, 30 Million if Thor Does Great
    Robert Downey Jr: Um at Least 20 Million after start Power From Both Iron Mans.
    Edward Norton: Um Maybe 15 Million at most
    and Matthew McCounoghey will be 20 Million Salary Because they will bank on Him because Captain America is the iconic All American Superhero.
    So Salary Wise alone we’re thinking 80 to 85 Million. Most movies don’t get that much just for Salary
    And Im not even including Possible Villain salaries. If you’ve got high profile actors playing the villain(s) we’ve got 100 Million for Salaries. Then Special effects and then Well i’d say a 350-400 Million dollar movie. Spider-man 3 was 300 million and that was just one superhero. this is FOUR! So yeah Most expensive movie ever made BUT also most Grossing if it happens.
    But yeah also Get Smart will win hands down. Yeah it’s got Steve Carrel but it also has the Rock and he can sorta carry a movie

  8. For me, personally, I’m not that big on Star Wars as I used to be. Sure when their on TV I’ll watch ’em. Sure, Star Wars Ep. 4 is one of my favorite movies, definitely in my top ten. But the prequels, they weren’t bad, and I did like both Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, despite how flawed they were. But I don’t have much faith. It coulda been in some different era, I would liked to see them set up the new Jedi order, the academy, the Yunzag or whatever it was war, the return of Palpatine, all that, not the Clone Wars. We all know where that leads. I’m sorry, George, but I am not pumped for this and I’m gonna wait.

    On the case of Love Guru versus Get Smart, Get Smart looks like it’s gonna be a fun movie, and I think it’ll beat that sack of shit Love Guru.

  9. @Kristina

    Since SM3 Tobey had done Tropic Thunder, Brother and Quiet Type (I think that is the name). Remeber it has only been a year since SM3.

  10. I only watched Reign of Fire because Bale and Butler are in it, and I want that tag team in the worst way. Fucking hell:)

    I do not like McConahgeyehey. I’ve never liked him as an actor. That being said, I’d rather have him over Leo “I always look like I’m smelling fart” Dicaprio. Loved him in The Departed, but he is wrong for this. Besides, he seems like the kind of guy that finds this stuff to be “above” him. He saw what doing the Spiderman movies did for his buddy Tobey(honestly, not very much except a sweet payday. Haven’t heard a peep from him since Spidey 3, and I honestly like it that way) and he probably wants to avoid being caught in a franchise like Tobey was.

  11. I am a firm believer in McConaughey’s acting chops (cause I own Reign of Fire (that ones for you Doug). Of course at first I was just a little bit spectacle on him cause of the way he portrays his characters, but then a realized that he’s an actor and he can easily fit into a role.

    I did however, say differently in the review that Rodney wrote cause he does like to talk like them country folk (again just poking fun) then I remembered that back in WW2 there where a lot of those type of people back in those days. So figured, Yeah! It would actually fit the Cap if he had that accent.

    Now on the subject of Superhero movies, I do hope that Brad Pitt plays Thor cause I cant think of anyone else who could pull that kind of Viking Bravado other then Brad Pitt. Now to get all of the other Huge actors together into one movie has it’s own set of complications, I wont go into anymore details (Cause I’m pretty sure Rodney doesn’t like me due to the fact that I keep arguing with him just for the sake of wasting time, It’s fun to argue when your bored, ha.)

    Anyways that’s all just my opinion.

  12. I don’t remember where (it may have been on, but I believe that jack Black denied the rumors that he might play Bilbo in The Hobbit.

  13. Found this about the Cap appeance in the Hulk movie:

    Now, speaking to SOS Hollywood, Leterrier revealed that the scene was cut. “There’s a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure and decides to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the Arctic Circle. You might have seen bits of it in some of the promos. The result was a very dark and strong scene, which Marvel, me and everyone else considered to be too hard to young audiences to take, so we’ve cut it. Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America! At some point this week, we will make it available on the internet – but I cannot tell you where or when – and the material will definitely be on the DVD.”

  14. The Star Wars Clone Wars thing is actually a glorified tv-pilot. After the movie a 100 episode Clone Wars tv show will air on Cartoon Network, but you probably already knew that

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