New Indiana Jones 4 Trailer Out This Week

Indy2We are told to be on the lookout this week for a new Indy 4 trailer. We get the following scoop from the murky caves of Yahoo:

When a second trailer for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” premieres online, it should spread as fast as the first, thanks to a widget. Paramount plans to launch the widget this week, but the studio declined to state when the new trailer will debut.

Paramount is counting on the small, portable applications that can be posted on blogs and social networks to maximize the exposure for its trailers. The first “Skull” trailer, released in February, has racked up millions of views. Every week Paramount will add a new viral video to the widget, for a total of eight to 10 videos. The widgets will include other exclusive content, including a “Love Guru” trailer, clips and behind-the-scenes footage.

Not much to add to this news other than the fact that I look forward to the new trailer. I thought the last one was ok. People with keener eyes than myself pointed out some special effects that looked a little cheesy, but all in all – I was not upset with it. The amount of views that the trailer received was insane, so it is no surprise that Paramount is going to use the same strategy. If you loose it on the web, fans spread the word – make them happy and everyone wins. Release the widgets!

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10 thoughts on “New Indiana Jones 4 Trailer Out This Week

  1. Ok Iam getting fed up with waiting. Give us the movie. But it’s properly going to be the end of an era movie just like the new Rambo and Rocky movies. So we know its going to End for good after this one. Still looking forward to it hope it lives up to the hype.

  2. Look, all I’m gonna say is this: if they continue to show us CGI shots in painfully obviously manners – this movie will be a huge disappointment. Huge. Not to mention the fact that they lied to us about CGI usage.

    And I hope they don’t spoil a lot of stuff in the next trailer. I’m considering not watching it.

  3. What about the new Dark Knight trailer that was suppose to be released two weeks ago. I am excited for Indian Jones but Dark Knight will be better film Spielburg has been very disappointing lately when it comes to his popcorn flicks. War of the Worlds and Minority Report not that great for the legendary director.

  4. I loved the first trailer and can’t wait to see the second one. I’m a little disappointed in the posters. They’re ok but not really exciting and there’s no great tag line with them.

  5. They really don’t need to give us another trailer. We’re all going to be there opening weekend regardless.

    I hope this next trailer has a better hook than the first (which was more of an announcement trailer anyway). Show us some of the unique shit that makes this an Indy film and nothing else, and then stop the trailer before we get to see the really good stuff……….and really go full out on the Raiders theme this time.

    Btw Doug sir, is there a live show tonight? I might try and stay up for it.

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