Jackie Chan Calls YiFei Lui a Hollywood Superstar

Jackie Chan has come forward to sing the praises of his Forbidden CoStar Yifei Lui (Liu Yi Fei in the Chinese reference) and predicts she will be a big star in Hollywood.

Asian Fanatics says:

Liu Yi Fei has recently signed a contract with a Hollywood management company, Jackie Chan predicts that Liu Yi Fei has a successful career ahead of her, “Liu Yi Fei is very well educated, she can speak both English and Japanese fluently, she is also young and beautiful. When Chinese actresses try to go international, only a few are successful. I can see Liu Yi Fei as Gong Li’s successor to become the next Hollywood superstar.”

Hollywood will get their first real taste of Yifei when Forbidden Kingdom comes out (which came out yesterday in China) on the 18th of April.

Let’s hope Jackie is right.

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16 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Calls YiFei Lui a Hollywood Superstar

  1. Recently there’s a lot of traffic on this lovely young lady.

    Yes, she is attractive. I don’t know about the rest, but I kinda imagine she’d have that Audrey Hepburn classic effortless smile.

    Reminds me of the one that got away…ha ha!

  2. Chinesse or Caucasian is Same! I Don’t Believe if Caucasian actress is the Best, just because they play at Holeywood (Not Hollywood any more)…

  3. Gogeous and talented!?
    Welcome for sure,sad is the fact that doenst matter how good she is they always gonna SUBcast her as a “japkorechintay”type girl aniway.
    Why care try to make anithing diferent from the typical padron?
    Look at people here with they “WTF is Gong Lee!?” joke.


  4. i agree, asian stars dont get alot of playin hollywood unless they do martial arts. i wouldnt mind seeing more attractive asian actresses…hope she can act tho

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