Horror Movie Viral Video

The concept of viral videos is going completly mainstream… it seems like more and more films are just making this a part of their regular promotions strategy… which is fine.

Anyway, my friends over at Screenrant gave me the heads up on this little video that is making its way around the web right now. Clearly some sort of viral video for a horror of some sorts… or is it old? I don’t really know much about it other than its been around for a few months at least. Still… it’s pretty good. Check it out.

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23 thoughts on “Horror Movie Viral Video

  1. Honestly, i think this is whats wrong with horror today > to much focus on cheep screams and special effects > atmospheric horror is always my favourite > this ive seen 100 times and is easy and lame > the ring still gives me the shivers >.>

  2. “You should just rickroll us next time. It’s more ‘in’ with the times.”

    Sure, but it doesn’t “fit” Halloween.

    I didn’t know there was a term for that BTW, it happened to me and it was done in such a way that I was trapped in it and had to kill my broswer using the taskbar. I was NOT happy!


  3. I was watching it and then it dawned on me, “Oh its going to be one of THOSE videos where something is going to JEZZUSFUCKSTICKCRACKERHATINGTURDSTORM!!!!!

    Yeah, it caught me and I knew it was coming. I even saw THIS very video before.

    Oh the trust we place in John’s hands.

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