Rodriguez Considers Directing The Jetsons

jtsn.jpgNews today about the live action Jetsons film that has been brewing for some time. We get the news and the following excerpt from the moviehole:

Latino Review reports that the film may have jumped ahead a few spots – – – with the king of all things effectsy, Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City”) possibly signing on to direct the thing. According to the site, Rodriguez will be doing the film sooner-rather-than-later too – possibly even hoping on board ‘that crazy thing’ before “Sin City 2” gets underway.

After the risky and unsuccessful “Grindhouse” Rodriguez is going to be looking for something a little safer – something that’s destined to make money – so it’s probable that he would be chasing something like this.

Rodriguez enjoys doing children’s movies he may be a good fit for The Jetsons. I think Tim Burton would do a wicked job if he employed the 50’s styled sci-fi elements that were so kick ass in Mars Attacks. But I am a Tim Burton fan and want him to do as much as possible.

Rodriguez is still considering the job so it is not yet concrete. I love his over the top approach to action films, but am wondering if this will be a good outlet for him. Time will tell. International friends would you like to see Rodriguez direct the Jetsons? If not, who would you prefer?

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4 thoughts on “Rodriguez Considers Directing The Jetsons

  1. Oh, this is golden. A director as distinguished as Rodriguez finally gets both feet in the door and he’s actually considering letting the door slam his ass on the way out.
    But hey, lets look at this from a Hollywood perspective; Rodriguez does The Jetsons, and then a year down the road he can give Brian Levant a call and they can slaughter The Flintstones Meet The Jetsons. You ass-hats laugh, but tell me how inconceivable that is, huh?

  2. Some things should just stay as cartoons. Like with many cartoons made to live action, this will probably stink. I could be totally wrong, nothing has happened with it yet. But I doubt I will be in any rush to see this film. I will say that the cartoon movie made a long time ago, I liked… but I was also young.

  3. Ugh, some movies should not be made. I think the Jetsons falls into this category. That being said, if it has to be made I see no reason why not Rodriguez. I just wish they wouldn’t. Hollywood keeps raping the memories of my youth everytime they touch one of these childhood pleasures.

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