Ethan Hawke To Star In Daybreakers

ethhk.jpgThe Hawke has scored a vampire role! We learn of the undead from the parchments at M&C:

Ethan Hawke is to star in new vampire film ‘Daybreakers’. The actor is to play a researcher in the movie, which is set in the year 2017 after a plague has turned most of the world’s humans into blood-sucking monsters.

The story focuses on the plight of the vampires who face starvation as the human race nears extinction. They must try and find every last remaining person for food or find a substitute for their gruesome diet of blood. However, a separate vampire group believe they have found a way to save the human race. Shooting on the project starts in Australia in July.

Vampires from the future, this is an angle that has not been worked much. IF anyone could best portray the intricacies of vampire life in the future; it would be Ethan Hawke. A world running out of humans is a great idea for a Vampire film. Humans are the cattle and demand is greater than the supply – this makes for ornery vampires and heart pounding action!

I hope they are able to work in a vampire orgy scene. Vampire orgy scenes are always the best orgy scenes, there is a lot of velvet, blood and dirty vampire sex. Say what you will about Vampires, they are more Latin than Latins when it comes to sexing the place up.

Ethan Hawke is a mysterious man, a man of legend and sorrow. I can see him as a vampire scientist and thik he was born to play this role. I always enjoy The Hawke and thought he did great as the fuzz in Lord Of War. We will keep our ears to the rails for further news on this project.

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6 thoughts on “Ethan Hawke To Star In Daybreakers

  1. A plague turns the human race into vampires. Sounds like Ultraviolet, Blade, Underworld and damn near every other flick involving vampires in the last fifteen years.

    How original.

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