Rob Zombie Talks about Halloween

Sometimes something gets done to death so much that if you want to keep going the only option is a reboot. No, I am not talking about Star Trek, though most deserving of that descriptive. I am talking about Halloween.

Rocker turned Director Rob Zombie has the reigns of the Halloween “reimagining” that is shaping up to be an interesting take. Being filmed in the same hospital set as Grey’s Anatomy might present quite a contrast, but Zombie seems to thrive on being a little different.

Time Magazine reports:

“Rob doesn’t like perfect,” says Malcolm McDowell, the English character actor best known for A Clockwork Orange, who plays the role of Myers’ opportunistic physician, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance in the original). “He likes it when I trip, or answer my phone in the middle of a scene.” McDowell is right about his director’s yen for hyper-realism. Look at the cast of any Zombie film and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone as telegenic as Grey’s actors. Zombie’s first movie, House of 1000 Corpses, revived the career of balding, acne-scarred bad guy Sid Haig, and the cast of The Devil’s Rejects had an average age in the 50s, including blasts from the past like Three’s Company’s Priscilla Barnes, now 51.

Always trying to break the traditions, this gritty edge can really make this remake stand out as a work of its own. Even his approach to the character of Meyers is far more original than any of the previous 10 films (was it 10?).

[Zombie] wants his Halloween to explore whether Myers was born evil or became evil. In one scene, the 6’10” Mane plays the role as a downcast, sweet, Frankensteiny kind of a villain, exploited by the medical professionals treating him.

So this movie will focus more on Meyers rather than have his victims be the stars of the show.

I honestly like how they are getting right into the character of the villain of the movie – or is it the victim?

Maybe Zombie was inspired the same way the writers of The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and realized there was another story to tell in mindless slasher flicks.

Read the article at Time Magazine Online

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