The Movie Blog: Uncut – March 2nd 2007

Here is The Movie Blog: Uncut episode 213 that was originaly broadcast live on the NowLIVE network on Friday March 2nd 2007. These live shows are recorded and then added the The Movie Blog: Uncut podcast feed.

Listen to the show now

OR… download the show directly here

THE NEXT LIVE SHOW IS THIS MONDAY NIGHT! Yes, that’s right… the Monday Roundtable show this week will be LIVE on the NowLive Network. Make sure you join us (3pm PST, 6pm EST, 11pm GMT)

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7 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – March 2nd 2007

  1. @JRJP – I’m going to 300 on Monday in Ottawa…can’t wait!
    @ PAT – Soulvideo can hold his own on the air. He host his own show called Nerdvana which is great to listen to.

  2. You guys must be smoking something if you think 300 will do 60 million opening weekend. Seriously, I’m stoked to see it, but it’s rated R, which takes a big part of the audience away. Plus, it’s a genre movie. It’ll be lucky to get to 45 million.

  3. not to be an a-hole… but some people where not meant to be on air. let that other dude fiddle with the stuff behind the scenes, and you two take care of the talking (and laughing). Other than that, great to have you on three days a week again!

  4. How long will the Monday show be? I’m hoping you get 2 hours per Uncut as you could easily fill the time with material. Hell, I think Nagy could sing for 2 hours.

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