11 thoughts on “Knocked Up Trailer Online

  1. Solid. Is there another word for it? Maybe, but Rogan looks fantastic, and after seeing the trailer, I can not imagine this movie with the absurdly unfunny anne hathaway. Heigl has an honesty to her laughter that is a perfect fit for this. anywho. cant wait. judd apatow is great and this should make me pee just a little bit!

  2. Judd Apatow is comedy GOLD.

    This guy hasnt let me down yet and this looks to be as funny as everything else he’s done.

    Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd… Bound to be hilarious stuff.

    On a side note,
    I hate that Undeclared got cancelled.
    To me, that was his best show. I really liked Freaks and Geeks but I loved Undeclared.

  3. Fuck that’s funny!! Sadly real life is nothing like that. In real life the dude moves to another state and is seen again on the show COPS when he’s busted with a bag of coke. I can’t for the movie.

  4. I’ve been a huge fan of both Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen since Freaks and Geeks. Undeclared and The 40 Year-Old Virgin proved that comedy doesn’t have to be trite and conventional (by the way, I intern at Revolution Studios, so I know bad comedies). I’ve been looking forward to Knocked Up since it was announced and was invited to a few screenings but couldn’t make them. The teaser trailer was fucking fantastic and showed me just enough to want more. The comedy was spot on (was your vagina drunk?) and had me laughing out loud. Katherine Heigl is great on Grey’s Anatomy and she looked like she fit right in. Love Judd Apatow, can’t wait for the movie. Fuck yeah, Seth Rogen.

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