X-Men 3 Dark Phoenix Pics

Dark Phoenix PicsThe French site DVDRAMA has posted up some sweet Dark Phoenix pics from the upcoming X-Men 3 film. Man does she look NASTY and ready to kick some serious heads in.

Most of you will remember that little fire in Jean Grey’s eyes in X-Men 2, and silhouette of the Phoenix flying over her watery grave at the end of the film… well… all this was foreshadowing what comic geeks knew to be the introduction of Dark Phoenix. A good starter for understanding who and what The Phoenix is can be found here, but for starters here’s an excerpt from the page:

The Phoenix Entity is an ancient, ageless cosmic force of life. It came to Earth in X-Men 100, when Jean was prepared to sacrifice her life to save her team mates and friends. They were on a space shuttle spiralling helplessly back into the Earth’s atmosphere. The only person on board who could pilot the shuttle was a human astronaut, who couldn’t possibly survive the heat and radiation of re-entry long enough to guide the craft to a successful landing. Only Jean, who could get the knowledge from the pilot’s mind telepathically, and protect herself from the heat and radiation with her telekinesis stood a chance. It was enough to get the ship and the occupants back safely, but Jean’s powers weren’t enough to save herself. At the moment before her death, the Phoenix Enitity entered her body, made an exact replica of it, and placed the original Jean in a protective cocoon at the bottom of the ocean. The Phoenix copied Jean so well, that it didn’t even realize what it had done, and truly believed itself to be Jean, taking her place in the X-Men

So Jean actually died at the lake and not in space… it’ll be interesting to see what they do from here with the original story. Is this just a Phoenix copy of Jean Grey… or is it actually Jean Grey gone looney? I can’t wait to find out. Man… seeing her standing there with Eric (Magneto) just makes me think “Holy SH$T… They’re ALL SCREWED!”

You can see the bigger and better versions of these pics here.

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11 thoughts on “X-Men 3 Dark Phoenix Pics

  1. i am a little upset that gambit hasnt made an appereance. he is my favorit x-men. however i am glad to see that beast will grace us with his presence in this new movie. i am interested to see how well they cast that role. the inteligence of beast im sure will be seen. its just going to be interesting.

  2. Still mad that there’s no gambit. & I hate the dumb comebacks like card tricks wouldn’t look fun, erh they’ve switched everything, from making Rogue tenny boopy young, gosh she’s meant to be almost a woman, her age keeps reuducing soon she’s be 13. Basically that fire guy could have been gambit. Cant belive they removed him, such a loss, I know ppl who arent too fond of xmen cuz he’s not in it, and some who do0n’t even really want to see it.

  3. Like Cole, I wasn’t to pleased with the idea of Famke Jansen playing Jean Grey at first, but her portrayal of Jean some what negated the discrepancy with her age (although I think they actually cast Cyclops too young). Anyway, the way they wrote her character in the first two movies (hoewver lame)was actually pretty true to the comics, Jean Grey has always had trouble controling and excepting her powers. Even as a extreme Jean Grey/Phoenix fan I too didn’t like the whole copy of Jean scenario so I think the ultra powered mutant storyline might work betterfor the movie.

  4. Dude she looks pretty waco on the preview!!! I am definitely looking forward to see the super powers of phoenix though I must admit I didnt get a kick from the actres nor the character before. Fainting all the time after carrying a pencil with her mind across the room never did it for me. That’s why I think puting the phoenix inside of her and making her scarily powerfull may change my image of her.

    I never knew that in the original the real Jean was taken to the ocean while the phoenix took its place. It sounds pretty gay to me. I rather have it this way now.

    Besides yall gotta admit she looks real bad ass.

  5. I never read the comics, though I took a peak sometimes. I was looking forward to seeing Bryan Singer’s take, which would have taken two sequels. But, now that the plot was turned into a massive “final stand,” Jean Grey may not be the main star villain I would’ve hope to see.

    And to answer Cole, I cared. Besides, ANYONE that has unlimited power would snap, not to mention that she “died” in X2, which may result to losing memories, thus being a little cranky when her friends tries to help her.

    Though I’m looking forward to both X3 and Superman, the thought of having Singer take on an ultra-mutant villain in Phoenix and make a (possible) kick ass film just hurts my view of X3 being totally successful, and may fall in Superman’s shadow.

    We could’ve also had subplots mix in as well (like Pyro vs. Iceman), but I guess that’s what fanfiction is for.

    As for Phoenix teaming with Magneto, my thoughts exactly, the X-Men are in DEEP trouble.

  6. I love the Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix character so I am looking forward to this one! It would be so much visually appealing to see Phoenix devouring all the star systems. It was a thrill to see it in the comics.


    If they had only put more interest on the Cyclops-Jean Grey relationship, the entrance of Madeline Pryor in the life of Scott now that he is mourning the loss of Jean would make it more exciting. Ahh…but who am I kidding that this will ever happen?

  7. Like Brian said, i too was never a fan of the Dark Phoenix storyline. But even still, a few years ago i had hope for it to be good. But since then my expectations have dropped completely. Does anyone really care about Jean Gray as a character or Famke Janson as an actor?

    Jean Gray has been miscast from the start by making her too old for the team and for Cyclops. And now that she’s becoming dark phoenix then it just doesnt work for many because if you didnt care about them in their “normal” state then are you really going to feel for them in their crazy/psycho/powerful state? And while a confused young Rogue made you feel the intended pity for someone who couldnt control their power, watching an old broad get supercharged won’t make me feel anything. She’s 40 years old, she’s a team leader, she’s a doctor and now we’re supposed to believe she’s confused by the moral dilemna of right and wrong because she’s suddenly become “too powerful”?!?!? (or whatever forced drama theyre trying to squeeze out of a Phoenix/Magneto plot). Puh-leeeez.

    The dark phoenix special effects may be cool but i quit watching movies specifically for special effects a long time ago so I’m still unfairly prejudging this movie as a turd.

  8. Like i’ve said before, they are going to totally change the plotline. Phoenix will be a ultra-mutant. She’ll be super evolved past the level of any mutant so far in the series, even magneto and professor x. This is my theory, I mean, it would be stupid to have 2 Jeans. I hated the dark phoenix plotline. it was stupid and took the realism out of X-Men by putting them in space and introducing the Shi’ar and the Starjammers and all those other alien things. Obviously they wont go into that in X Men 3, but I think that it’s all been set up for her to be an ultra-mutant.

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