THe Movie Blog’s Top 10 Best Films of 2005

For all the horrible films that came out in 2005 (see this list) there were also some really enjoyable film going experiences as well.

As you read The Movie Blog’s Top 10 Best Films of 2005, there are 2 very important things to keep in mind. FIRST, this list is subjective. There is no scientific formula for measuring how good or bad a film is.

Second, This list does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Richard, Doug, Brad or anyone else for that matter. But since I am The Movie Blog, only my opinion really matters! (insert egotistical maniacal power hungry laugh here. MMWWWUUAAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHA).

So now, without further ado, I now present to you THE MOVIE BLOG’S TOP 10 BEST FILMS OF 2005!

10) Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
I haven’t seen anything divide a country like this since George W. Bush. People either totally LOVED this film… or totally hated it. There’s not much middle ground and an argument can be made for either side. For me, watching Revenge of the Sith was a fantastic experience. It recaptured that “awe and wonder” sensation you’re supposed to have when watching a fantasy film. Great action, the best visual effects ever produced for a movie and wonderful adventure. Did it have it’s weaknesses? You bet it did. But even with those weakness I had a hell of a fun time watching this flick.

9) Sin City
Yeah it was violent, yeah it was stylized, but the the thing that made Sin City a great film to watch was the human story behind it all. 3 broken and self hating characters who have seen nothing but garbage in the world, each catch just the slightest glimpse of something beautiful (letters from a little girl, a night with a prositute, and the love of an ex-flame) and it totally captivates them to the point where nothing else matters in the whole world. That’s what finding something beautiful in the world can do to you… and I loved the way they told that story. An element of this film that is always really sadly overlooked.

8) The Wedding Crashers
Easily the most “laughs per minute” film I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I ever went more than 30 seconds in this film without laughing out loud. The frat pack is here to stay for a long long time my friends.

7) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
I thought the first two Harry Potter films were “ok” at the very best. The third Potter film was total crap. And then all of a sudden Goblet of Fire comes right out of left field and really impresses me. I suddenly have hope for the Harry Potter franchise again.

6) King Kong
Yes it was too long. Yes it had some horrible visual effects. Yes it was a little over hyped. But putting all that aside, the last 2 hours of this 3+ hour long film was some of the best fun I’ve had in watching a movie in a long time. My knuckles were white from gripping the arms in my seat. Best film of the year? Not a chance in hell. But having said that, King Kong is a fun fun film to watch.

5) The Producers
I originally had this at #10 and Sith at #5… but upon further reflection I has to switch the two around. I don’t use the word “delightful” very often, but that’s exactly what this movie is. Pure delight! It’s funny, fun, and in caches you almost immediately. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick were both amazing in this adaptation of an adaptation. Make sure you see this one.

4) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Many people make the mistake of thinking this is a Lord of the Rings type of film. It’s not. It’s a child’s fantasy film and one of the best I’ve seen since the original Wizard of Oz. Pure wonder and magic, story telling at it’s best and just the right amount of action and visual effects to assist the plot in moving along. I LOVED this film and wish I could rank it higher on this list.

3) Batman Begins
For my money this is hands down the very best comic adaptation film ever made. Erasing from our tortured memories the awful images of Batman and Robin and the dreadful Neon gangs, Batman begins gets back to the darker side of the “Dark Knight” while still making us laugh and grin along the way. Take out the horrible horrible horrilbe performance and miscasting of Katie Holmes (who made the film scretch to a halt everytime she was on screen), and this film could have come in at #2 on this list.

2) The 40 Year Old Virgin
I was so happy to see the AFI put this film on their 10 best films of 2005 list. Not only is this one of the funniest films of all time (you didn’t laugh quite as often as you did in The Wedding Crashers… but when you laughed it made you laugh HARD), but it actually had wonderful chemistry between the four lead characters and it made you CARE about them (something most comedies fail at doing). You actually really like Andy and his friends and care about what happens. A fantastic film.

1) Cinderella Man
It’s not popular to say you like a Russell Crowe film these days. But even though I think the man is an egotistical jerk (much like myself), I firmly believe he is the most talented actor breathing on the planet earth today. This movie was just amazing, and it breaks my heart that overrated politically correct films are getting so much more Oscar buzz than this film is. For my money, this is easily the best film of the year.

So there you have it folks. My favorite films of 2005. I’m sure some of you agree and many many of you disagree. So give your thoughts in the comments section below. Here’s looking forward to some great cinema in 2006!

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20 thoughts on “THe Movie Blog’s Top 10 Best Films of 2005

  1. Best five films for 2005:

    1. Sin City

    2. Good Night and Good Luck

    3. Batman Begins

    4. A History of Violence

    5. Apocalypse Oz – the suped-up collision film of the year. Now Coppola wants a piece of it, ’cause he’s washed-up and no-ones done anything like this before…

  2. Wow, The Producers is in your top 10? Sure it was a bad year for movies, but not THAT bad?

    Some of my favorites that you didn’t mention:

    STAY (which unfortunately it failed to do in the theaters)


    THE SQUID AND THE WHALE (Baumbach is light years ahead of Anderson)


    JARHEAD (After reading what Baudrillard has to say about The Gulf War, this movie becomes smarter than its director.)

  3. Ah,

    1.Batman Begins

    2.Cinderella Man

    3.Wedding Crashers

    4.40 Year Old Virgin

    5.King Kong

    6.Chronicles of Narnia

    7.Munich(does that count?)


    9.Walk the Line

    10.Constantine(most underrated of 2005 in my opinion)

    now thats a movie list :), much better movies out this year then in 2004, but we also got our hands full of crappy crap crap…

  4. I have to assume that you didn’t the see “The Producers” on stage. I did, and I have to say that the film version was very diappointing, only because it lacked any sort of freshness or updating from the stage version. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the stage show. But the film version is basically as if they took a camcorder and just put it in the fifth row of the theatre and edited a film out of that. After seeing films like Phantom and Chicago and the different things they did to bring something new to those films, The Producers was a huge disappointment for me.

    Having said that, if you HAVEN’T seen it on stage, go see the film. I’m sure you’ll like it a lot.

  5. “Quick Pet Peeve…I noticed this during the Audio Edition. You keep saying “THE Wedding Crashers” instead of “Wedding Crashers”. It makes you sound like an old man. Did you enjoy The Sin City and The Cinderella Man too?”

    i nearly spit out my drink… now i’m going to add the word ‘the’ in front of everyone. The King Kong. The Batman Begins. The Harry Potter… that one sounds like a porno.

  6. not that you have a BAD list per se, but it seems like proof to me that you need to see more movies… next time a movie you suspect will be bad is coming out, dont see it anyways. Why not rent Grizzly Man, or go a bit out of your way to see Capote or something?

  7. My top 10:

    1) Munich

    2) 40 Year Old Virgin

    3) Sin City

    4) Batman Begins

    5) King Kong

    6) Wedding Crashers

    7) War of the Worlds

    8) Jarhead (I enjoyed the book)

    9) Chronicles of Narnia

    10) Serenity

  8. mmmmm I did have something I wanted to ask you guys, recently went to see King Kong, I agree with John that it was a tad long, but visually stunning. Anyway, when I left the cinema I had a pounding headache for a good couple of hours afterward, I don’t know whether it’s my delicate ears, but the loud and largely bass part of the sound production over 3 hours did nothing for my head. Which posed a question, do you think the sound used in cinema these days is louder than it used to be?

  9. “If this was the best ILM can muster up, then it’s about time they bow down to WETA and call it a day”.

    Excuse me? ILM to bow down to WETA? Whatever was done in Kong particularly that dinosaur scene was already done by ILM what, 12 years ago now. And even if Kong wins Achievement in Visual Effects in the Academy, they need do be doing a lot more work to prove their niche in visual effects, ILM for that matter no longer need to establish itself. Oh and just so everybody knows (in case they didnt know already) that the 4 films up for Visual Effects in the Academy were made possible by ILM. Aherm…

    So a little respect, please…

  10. So Sith had the best visual effects of any film…and Kong had some horrible effects. Now I’ll admit that there were moments where Kong sliped up, but Sith’s effects, even at best, were years behind what we should be seing out of ILM. The ships lacked the detail needed to make them look unique, the psudo-Yoda looked like someting a Lucas’s intern might have whiped up on a long weekend, and the final climatic duel looked like it was taken right out of a Backstreet Boys video.

    If this was the best ILM can muster up, then it’s about time they bow down to WETA and call it a day.

  11. Ok and here is mine:

    1. Batman Begins

    2. Serenity

    3. War of teh Worlds

    4. Chronicles of NArnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

    5. Sin City

    6. Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith

    7. Fantastic Four

    8. King Kong



  12. Oh John, John – I love the Movie Blog and consider it a dear and cherished friend but no one hurts you like those you love. You have placed the Sith crap on a ‘best’ list that SERENITY doesn’t appear on. This isn’t right, it’s just wrong – I think perhaps you will find sleeping difficult in 2006 – a guilt addled brain does not a good bed fellow make – also I imagine that bright red fungus will sprout upon your penis; if it does then you only have yourself to blame.

  13. Katie Holmes sucked?? Ok, I admit that among the older and more experienced cast she did stand out. It was obvious that she lacked experience, but she was ok. SW:ROTS had worse acting and I admit it even though I consider myself a fan. Plus, with SW3, I am actually in between. I dont hate it, but I dont love it either. Well, I love the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel, but that’s not enough. ESB still is the best SW movie.

    I saw 7,5/10 of the movies from the list. Why half? 40 year old virgin. I turned it off. It was boring. Subjective, of course :). Still have to see the Producers and Cinderella man.

    Wedding Crashers is this years best comedy.

    Still have to see History of Violence. Maybe I’ll like it :)

    Oh, and no SERENITY on the list!!! How dare you!? :)

  14. Quick Pet Peeve…I noticed this during the Audio Edition. You keep saying “THE Wedding Crashers” instead of “Wedding Crashers”. It makes you sound like an old man. Did you enjoy The Sin City and The Cinderella Man too?

  15. HAH?!?!?! “Wedding Crashers” made your ‘subjective’ list? WTH???

    And Sith is not even in your top 5? What happened to you John? I am extremely disappointed. But what really amazed me is that you put ‘Cinderella Man’ on the top, you’ve obviously made your peace with Crowe, and all that yada yada yada about how an actor’s attitude affect their performance really didnt do it for ya.

    Nonetheless, I am shocked how your choice of films were ranked.

    Now, now, I am excited to see Richard’s own best and worst. Bring it on Rich! *winks*

  16. Here are my top 5.

    1. Capote

    2. Nobody Knows

    3. History of Violence

    4. Syriana

    5. Good Night and Good Luck

    The thing about History of Violence is that you either hated it or liked/loved it.

    I didn’t love any of the films on list.

    Capote and Nobody Knows were very good but not great.

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