New Superman Returns Pics Online

Superman ReturnsI already mentioned in an episode of the Audio Edition earlier this week that Superman Returns is my #1 most anticipated film of 2006 by a mile. Man I can’t wait to see this thing!

At any rate, the good folks over at M&C have posted up a couple of new pictures from the upcoming Superman Returns film and they look pretty good. They’ve even got a good one of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor being really mean.

To check out the new Superman Returns pics you can just go here.

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5 thoughts on “New Superman Returns Pics Online

  1. Sadly, I’m very lukewarm on this movie. I want to be excited, but I honestly don’t see anything that has me jumping for joy.

    Routh doesn’t impress me a single bit as Superman and Kate looks ridiculously young to be Lois. Especially since Singer appears to be going to route of the previous Superman movies and picking up where they left off.

    At this moment the only people I’m looking forward to seeing in this movie are Kevin Spacey as Lex and Parker Posey as Ms. Kitty.

  2. I’m pretty sure this movie is going to suck. I just hope it doesn’t take another 20 years to do another Superman movie so they can do it right.

  3. Hey Doug!!!!

    Not absolutely sure….but it looks like they may have changed that “package”!!!!! :)

    I still haven’t decided if I’m looking forward to seeing this one or not…I have my doubts that it will impress the living bejesus out of me yet.

  4. 1) That small superman S still hasnt grown on me. It looks more like a hood ornament than a fender.

    2) Its official. The whole “SuperWang” thing is a myth generated for publicity. Routh isn’t as Routh as you’d think.

    3) Lois’ clothes just look wrong on someone so young. I don’t think i’m liking the all the throwbacks to the Christopher Reeve superman. Given the new effects capable now and the entirely new cast then why continue the same timeline and old look?

    4) Who exactly will be known as Superman and Lex for this generation of people? I just recently got all 4 seasons of smallville. While the show is 75% crappy Lana/Chloe/Freaks nonsense, the 25% of the time they allow Lax, Ma and Pa, and Clark shine then they really make an impression. So as much as I’ll go in open minded, Welling and Rosenbaum are Clark and Lex for me and many others in the 12-35 age range.

    5) Have you ever seen Clark fly in Smallville? For a TV show it was just insane so for a 9 billion dollar movie i expect to faint. If matrix or smallville has taught us anything about flying its that you look so much more badass with both arms down like a rocket rather than the “traditional” arms out old style. Hopefully they do it right.

  5. Strange, I can see the goblin shoes but NO PACKAGE … !

    Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman formed a powerfull duo. I wonder if Kevin Spacey won’t cast a shadow on Brandon. Kevin looks bold and bloody amazing.

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