The Movie Blog Readers Awards 2005 Update

ReadersAwards.jpgHi everyone, just back from my short holiday in Canada which was loads of fun, so much so that I’ll be going back. However due to circumstances completely in everyone’s control we didn’t manage to have a Movie Blog Audio Edition with the three of us to announce the winners.

So I have returned to the UK with results in hand and I am busy scheduling another Scottish Audio Edition where we will have the ceremony and all fifty two winners!

Stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Readers Awards 2005 Update

  1. If you guys ever real like being geekiest of the geeks you could just do an audio edition using skype so Richard could chip in with the regular show. TWIT do it quite often, and I am sure if you email em or just read up about Skype you guys could pull it off. TWIT podcast “How-To” so to speak can be found here .

    Of course it would mean Richard staying up really late at night waiting for John and Doug to get up and record the show :p

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