Bloodrayne 2?

Bloodrayne-Loken.jpgNo surprises that Uwe Boll believed he was making a franchise in Bloodrayne, we’ve heard it before, but apparently he’s intent on going ahead with it.

Cinematical have the exciting news…ahem…

…Boll (very optimistically) considers Bloodrayne to be a franchise, which is why he chose to set this film in 1750 instead of the Civil War, where the game had it…Boll’s idea for a sequel- the man wants to set it in the Wild West! That’s right, a good old fashioned cowboys ‘n Indians n’ Vampires flick.

Oh god…Cowboys, Indians and Vampires…

Over the past year my expectations for new movies have been hammered down by the resulting products shown onscreen, and now this kind of news doesn’t really shake me or upset me, just makes me shrug and move on…I think that’s kind of sad because it’s also having the affect of lowering my expectations of good movies too, I’ve noticed it when compiling my 2006 movie list.

Anyway, what the hell, the guy can get the funds and the stars, who are we to stop him? Let him enjoy himself and make movies…we don’t have to go watch them do we?

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3 thoughts on “Bloodrayne 2?

  1. I’m sick of hearing about any sequel unless it’s neccesary to storyline or people will actually expect a sequel or a sequel would be awsome. If Billy Madison was made today, 1: it wouldn’t be as funny because of filming style and the times 2: In all the Remake and Sequel hype and Hollywood having no originality, Billy Madison would get a sequel….son of a bitch.

    Bloodrayne isn’t Billy Madison, a crappy comparision at best, but the majority of movies do NOT need sequels. And aw hell I don’t know what i’m getting at, b;loodrayne sucks.

    *slams head against desk*

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