Cinemas causing us to miss movie endings?

CinemaSeats.jpgAt the end of The Chronicles of Narnia the titles came up, the house lights came on, and everyone stood up getting their jackets on and began to leave. As they were piling out of the rows and down the steps the titles faded out and the film continued with a short post ending scene and we struggled to see it past people shuffling in front of us and those standing watching. What I don’t get is why are the house lights raised before the ending of the movie?

I always like to try and watch the titles at the end of a movie, you never know if there is something else to see during the titles or even at the end after they’ve all finished. No one else does though, they want to stand up as soon as the titles have popped onscreen and get out of the cinema, and I can understand that too, but do they know what they are missing?

I’d like to thank the Cineworld cinema in Aberdeen for raising the house lights before the movie was finished. Surely they could leave the house lights down until the final scene is totally finished and help the audience know when a film it actually finished. Raising the house lights before the final scene is just suggesting to people that they can leave now. You wouldn’t see the lights raised in a theatre before the show is over.

At least I managed to see the movie, albeit through people standing up in the row in front and people pushing past me to get out of the row I’m in. There were some people who had already left the cinema and I feel more aggrieved for them.

So Cinema owners, why don’t you find out when the end of a film really is and raise the lights after that point, not just when the titles appear, that way you’ll help people know when there’s more.

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9 thoughts on “Cinemas causing us to miss movie endings?

  1. I was talking to a friend who works in the projection room at the local theater. When he puts a movie together he’ll watch for the credits and put 3 strips of tape on the film so it’ll automatically brighten the lights, He said that the first time he test screened it he and his boss both missed it so I can’t really blame them because he didn’t know there was another scene.

  2. im so mad now i cant imagen how many extra stuff ive missed out on. great now i have to sneek in and watch the ending all over again and stay for the credits. heheh

  3. I always stay all the way through the end of the credits. One, to fill my mind with useless trivia;and two, for extra scenes. So I usually don’t miss anything. i think it’s cool to have a surprise for the patient.

  4. I usually sit through the end credits on Jackie Chan films coz of the outtakes…heh

    My family and I almost missed the short scene during the end credits of Chronicles of Narnia, it just so happens we were sitting all the way at the back of the theater so it took us awhile to go out of it and we were able to catch it…those sneaky bastards

  5. Answer: get rid of all the freaking commercials and this problem might just fix itself.

    After all, getting rid of fifteen minutes of drivel before the movie previews makes all

    the difference in the world.

    Tag scenes are becoming popular, because filmmakers want filmgoers to stay as long as possible through the credits. One could hope for any of the Airplane!/Top Secret alumni (ZAZ) to do more comedies, such as Scary Movie 3, where jokes are even peppered thoughout the credits.

  6. Haha, I pity the fools that leave when the credits role.

    I had my revenge while watching Dawn of the Dead (remake). Those that left early got a whole different movie than me. Those that left early, left with a feeling of happy ending. The heroes reached the island, credits roll, ok they are safe.

    But if you stayed after the credits roll, you get to see that the island is in fact zombie infested and the heroes get attacked and eaten. Boohoohoo , they all missed that. No happy ending there.

  7. Hey Rich, I also saw this topic on your personal blog and was contemplating on a response, now I see it here. How are you pal? *winks*

    I had to see Narnia twice because of two reasons. I really, really enjoyed the film, and was looking forward to see it again with some friends and the second reason is because towards the end credits there is another good albeit short scene.

    I have missed so many of this end credits post ending scenes but normally not due to the lights coming back on, but because I just want to get out of the cinema quickly. It hasnt been a problem from the cinemas where I go see my films that they do this.

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