Orson Welles returns

According to Film247.net through Cinematical the son of John Huston, Danny Huston, is to play the great Orson Welles

…in the film Fade To Black…Huston will play him as a still-vital 36-year-old as he worked to complete a thriller script before playing Othello in the 1952 film.

I’m a big fan of Welles, and despite what Cinematical say…

Welles was, in effect, a difficult One Hit Wonder doomed by his own ego whose legend would have been better served if he had walked away after crafting the perfect film because really, where do you go after that?

…he has a number of great films to his name, sure Kane is the biggest but he still has a number of great movies, particularly his Othello. There could be a lot of great material in this movie, depending where they take it. Fact based or total fantasy, or those dreaded words “based on a true story”? I’d love to see it based around his radio play days, and specifically War of the Worlds. Is anyone else interested in seeing a movie of Welles?

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