Steven Spielberg and Liam Neeson Hook Up For Abraham Lincoln

Neeson3.jpgIt’s always a good day to hear about a great filmmaker and a great actor collaborating on a project together. It looks like the genius of Steven Spielberg and the talent of Liam Neeson (probably the most underrated actor of our generation) are getting together to bring us a film on Abraham Lincoln.

The good folks at Coming Soon offer up this little tid bit:

The DreamWorks movie will be based on a bio being written by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. That book will be published next fall, under the title “The Uniter: The Genius of Abraham Lincoln.”

Neeson, who received a Golden Globe nomination for Kinsey and next appears in Kingdom of Heaven and Batman Begins, earned an Oscar nomination for playing Oskar Schindler in Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.

Let’s see, a top notch director, a fantastic actor and great source material. Sounds like a winner to me.

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20 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg and Liam Neeson Hook Up For Abraham Lincoln

  1. I look forward to the upcoming book about Lincoln by Kearns Goowin, and I am certain that a Spielberg production of Lincoln will be compelling & realistically authentic in every way…what I do hope for the most is that an accurate portrayal of known subject matter is included; Lincolns wit, humor, great writings and even his problems with the issues of race, Civil war, his wife Mary and his own depression..the things we know happened should be included…however I have a sinking feeling (knowing the political background of the liberals Spielberg & Goodwin) that a slanted portrayal of Lincoln will be written and as Lincoln said ” If you look for bad in people you were surely find it” , I am concerned that the bad that they find in Lincoln will be elaborated on moreso than anything good the greatest American to ever live accomplished.. I believe the book will be written in such a way that it provokes discussion about the contents and where she got the information because it may be that she decides to include racy content & juicy stories based on her opinions and interpretation of fringe facts about Lincoln and sadly the press (critics) will only help her sell more books by getting outraged by the previously proven plagerist author and her “new” information about the great man,, that she came up with on her own…through her research – she will be careful to not be labeled a plagerist once again, but this time she will be found guilty of libel, for which she will appear outwardly outraged and denounce critics, but will secretly relish in the spotlight and the notiriety of selling more books and becoming more famous – I assume that she as well as Spielberg are interested in one thing, tarnish the greatest man that ever lived, to push forward their own political agenda regardless of facts….I hope I am wrong, I TRULY hope I am wrong.


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  3. hey does anyone know if steven spielberg has an email address? because im writing a couple of movies that i think steven spelberg could make into a great movie,im 14 just to let everyone know

  4. vorrei conoscere Spielberg, perch√® sono un tipo con molta fantasia e avrei un’idea su un film.
    Attendo una risposta al pi√π presto.
    Colgo l’occasione per porgere Distinti Saluti

  5. I think i hav figured out a way in my mind that would sufficintly roll a car with a great amount of affect and beleif of realism. My idea is in an action movie the hero is driving going 90 or so and he gets in front of the bad guy. At that time the hero of the movie veers to the left/right holding the break down for a sec to hold the skid for a sec. He then lets go of the break shifts gears and veers the steering wheel to the other side to get a sufficiant and really cool roll.

  6. I mean the guy who wrote the article–can you like get an interview with spielberg and give him the article I just wrote above…

    like, I know he’s GOD, and cannot be reached for at least 20 seconds at a time, but just tell him that it will only take a really short amount of time–hell, he can get his secretary to look it up..don’t even contact him (impossible anyway), make friends with his secretary and then she/he/shemale/ can tell him

    because I know, that when he looks at the plot, and sees the enviroment–source can do a little movie for him, like a 20 second movie…that makes him feel the enviroment really fast so it doesn’t waste his time—because I know–
    he will know it’s a good idea,

    this guy knows a good idea when he sees it–he’s smart–and he gets teens–the “pop-culture” to give him some ideas—like his children..he gets his cues..and he won’t be stupid when he sees this one….well I am in that age group—so maybe he will put a little bit more attention (even though it aproaches 0 along the curve–it is relatively non-existent–comparable to that of the sun not coming up in the morning)–

    and besides, I am not trying to sell anything, what is it in for me?–interests are aligned–it’s just pure and sweet–from the heart–simple and cute–suggestion..

    and if I have this feeling about half life, you can bet all the rest of the billion aliens + people that have come to worship the game as god, do too.

    and although the probabilities of this ever becoming a reality are less than the probabilities of a shark jumping out of the water and eating someone while being hit by an asteroid…it’s such a good theme, plot, and enviroment, that it’s worth an article on a random blog on the internet.

    So, if any of you have noticed by now MY FEELING and EMINANCE, you might think there is something to it, just maybe, maybe you could research it a little..maybe while your bored on your computer and are looking at gay porn or something…or maybe even play the game, if you have not already (but I don’t think the people that enter this website are those type of people)–but even if your not–it must interest you why such a psychopath as the person writting this message is so excited? Ok, I’m done, hopefully, in the year 2067, spielberg III will do a movie called half lifers, a gang in 21st century new york.

  7. Can someone that like knows spielberg—someone dumb, yet very popular,

    tell spielberg to do a movie on HALF LIFE: sierra

    just look at the plot, and the darkness of it: it is war of the worlds * 10^50

    the new literature is in the video game..more people are playing video games than reading books. He wants to leave a legacy–well, leave this one, it’s a heck of a good idea. It has an incredibly large fan-base: just look at the ratings on half life 2..

    and the story is so so so much better than war of the worlds..

    wow, aliens come down and start killing people, then there is a virus, and they all die….

    half life, goverment conspiracy, gordon freeman, genius, figures out how to survive using his head, aliens come through a “gateway” (dimensional drift) due to a failure in an experiment using a “resonance cascade” —these aliens were aparently also being used by this “goverment” as weapons..military comes in to clean up…gordon is so resilient he manages to escape

    city 17, the “overwatch”, the “types” of aliens, the police state, barnacles…the enviroment–the masks of the guards of city 17…the atmosphere of coming into the train station—ravenholm (zombies–that are thought to be coming back from the dead, but really just aliens that control humans by the spinal cord) gordon freeman controlling “starship trooper” type aliens by the “feropods” and using them against the overwatch (just the scene of the “antlions” swarming the guards would be a decent crappy movie—starship troopers)…god man, this is like the whole package in one—sci-fi, horror, action…legacy, enticing, provocative, handsome, sexy, good breath, nice buttcheeks, bla bla bla ,etc.

    I cannot describe it to anybody–you have to witness the enviroment to KNOW WHY THIS WOULD BE A HELL OF A GOOD MOVIE..

    a lot better than the crappy and liberal “minority report”…or doom? I mean, why do people always hit the sweet spot a couple inches from the actual spot—DO A MOVIE ON HALF LIFE

    this would be A REAL LEGACY…

    mark laidlaw and spielberg teaming up is unlikely, but it surely would be better than a dumbass movie on ‘APEHAM LINCOLN’

    AND WHOWEVER DOES THE MOVIE IS GOING TO GET HELL of A LOT OF MONEY…hell, I’d go see it 20 times no matter what crap comes out of the theater, as long as it’s name is HALF LIFE

  8. Some uniter! So, I guess I would be considered a genius and a uniter if I had over half a million people that disagreed with me killed and thousands of folks whose politics didn’t conform with mine imprisoned. Would I be sainted if I had newspapers shut down and their presses sabotaged if they didn’t tow the line? Ordering the murder of Native Americans probably wouldn’t hurt either.

    I just wish people would quit whitewashing his dirty laundry. Show us the real Lincoln! The good and the bad!

  9. I’m sorry, but every Abraham Lincoln film I’ve seen has been a dry, shriveled turd. Even D.W. Griffith, who made one of the most controversial films of all time (Birth of a Nation), couldn’t succeed in making a movie about Abraham Lincoln (1930) remotely engaging.

    Nevertheless, I have faith in Neeson. And I had faith in Speilberg until the godawful Terminal.

    But, we have too few REALLY GOOD sci-fi movies out there, and we need Speilberg and Cameron to do nothing but sci-fi, don’t you think? Leave Abraham Lincoln to, say… Terrence Malick.

  10. “Schindler’s List” is one of my favorite Spielberg films while Liam Neeson has always been the kind of actor you can always rely on to deliver. It will be great to see two work together once again. I will keep an eye on this one!

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