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jeeperscreepersposter.jpgThe first Jeepers Creeps was the first true campy horror film in a long time to surprise me. I thought it was great for what is was. Seriously guys… go grab it for a “date” DVD night sometime… she’ll be squeezing you all night, and it’s a pretty fun flick too. So obviously I was excited to hear about Jeepers Creepers 2. Oh man… what a let down that was. Not only was it pure puke, but it almost ruined my enjoyment of the first one (which I rented 2 days later to watch again.

So now we have news that a Jeepers Creepers 3 is in the works. Monsters and Critics give us this:

Jonathan Breck, star of the first two Jeepers movies, told Web site Horror View that “Jeepers Creepers 3” will begin filming this summer with a possible 2006 release. Mr. Breck also said that, although there is no script in place, the story has this film taking place twenty one years after the events of “Jeepers Creepers 2,”

Oh no… this just tells you everything you need to know folks. They’ve already got the shooting date planned… but they still don’t have a script. Recipe for disaster. Once again Hollywood couldn’t leave a good thing alone… so now they’re going to beat it to death.

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53 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers 3

  1. JC3 was awesome! It was scary as all get out with those kids being on the road with no where to hide. JC3 was funny and not scary at all. I want to know what happened to Darry’s sister and to the kids who survived JC2. They should put them all together, especially the girl that saw him in her dreams in JC2. OR, better yet, they need to pretend they never made #2 and go right from #1 to #3. That would be even better!!

  2. wasss up ppl any of yall nigas wana kno was is gona hapen to the 3r movie in a few leters i wil tell yall……….. i love this movie the 1, and the 2 movie was a awsome movie a exellent movie i have this movies i been see this movie million times and that suks that derry die cuz he is a good actor and trish is a fine bitch hoe and is wear why trish wasen in the 2 movie because she shoul be in the 2 movie because she is part of the characters of the movie…………………… and in the 3rd movie trish is gona be be in the movie trust me she is, and the house of pain and the old truck is gona be in the movie is gona be like that trust me in gona see the movie the 1rs day came out hell yea i love this movie i cant wait until this movie came out anyway this movie is the shit……………………………………………….pz

  3. JC1 started off perfectly – an old truck – house of pain- the song came on when trouble was brewing. The second half went the way of many grade B flicks of just pure corniness and detachment from the first half. Disappointing, left me saying – damn and it had so much potential. JC2 comes along and was consistent with it’s story line – however it lost some charm by not involving the song, truck so on. But- somehow it started something new- now this creature has a personality – humor – and damn his wings were awesome against the moonlight. I almost felt compassion for him- I mean you’ve got to be hungry after 23 years right? Salva threw in a little Freddie and Evil Dead humor – awesome. The Western idea could work- how about going back to his beginning and explain that house of pain freakiness?? And flash to the end with the old man to end the series – keeping humor involved – but not overboard.

  4. Omg what is wrong with you people! Jeepers Creepers 2 was a fantastic second film, I personally cannot wait to see Jeepers Creepers 3. If you aint intersted in seeing it… I guess you shouldn’t post here =S

  5. firstly you sad cunts out there who dont like these movies should all go and watch the evil dead trilogy and then complain!!!!!!!

    Thats what you call funny pathetic horror?? The jeepers series has created a new face in horror,that keeps you wondering like halloween did until they got to 4!! Then they gave it all away and took the magic away! I thought they were both fantastic and cant wait to see 3, I hope they start off in the barn, where they left off, if they let a few things about the creeper slip like his weapons being attracted to the light or electricity…that would be cool…and hopefully he,ll have some more weapons up his sleeve!!!?? We know where he comes from…what we now wanna know is where he’s going next??

    Dave (CREEPER FAN!)

  6. sup all,

    i think u guys are missing the main thing that made me love these movies so much. HEZ COOL! look im not really into horror movies at all coz i fukin hate bein scared but JC is sumone who u can look at and say WOW. i admire the scene in the second movie….when hez runnin thro the cornfield and hez full black…..W00t! i woz like thats so cool wish i could look lyk that….i woz pissed off when he took off the hat….THA HAT IZ JC! u cant just take it off! oh well….. third movie :d looks really cool but i hope it doesnt go back to the western times because that could make it border REALLY close to being realy bad….after all the director cant make a good storyline. may b good at the starting story BUT he doesnt know how to continue it. so i hope the movie turns out to be lookin at the creeper runnin thro the screen in full black and actin cool all da time ;) cyas all


  7. I enjoyed the JC movies, and I think there are parts I liked about each. The 1st was very good, but I just don’t see how someone would make the decision to GO BACK to a spot where they saw someone dump bodies down a pipe….no way, I’d just go to the police! But then again, we wouldn’t have a horror movie if that happened.
    The second had lots of entertainment value. I thought the Creeper flying around was very cool and well animated. He sure is one scary, strange being.

    For a third, yes, let’s have more INFORMATION on the Creeper. Everything doesn’t have to be revealed, but I hate this msytery crap. It got old by the second movie, you still didn’t know much else other then the obvious about the creature. I half wonder if he cared about Trish, cause in the first movie he was looking at her through the glass wall in an almost admiring fashion (attracted to her, maybe?) and when she was pleading with him to release her brother, well…he really did seem to give it thought.


  8. JC1 was gr8 n JC2 was even greater, y do u guys emphasis on horror or thriller, it was both n it was gr8 just see wheather the movie is good or not, not wheather its horror or not. both the movies were gr8 n im really praying that the third one comes soon.

    aur bhain kay loroon tum log movie sahi say dekha karoon mathar chod kitni mehnat hoti hai movie bannay main tum maa kay looray sirf apnay comments day tay hoo, pata nahi kia chahiyay tum ko movie main donnon movies achi thi u all jack shits aur agar tum ko lagta hai kay 3rd will suck to maathar chod apni maa ko chudo tum log aur 3rd ankhain band kar kay dekhna billi ki chooth kutaay kay loroon.

  9. I think that all the people (DUDE FAMILY)who bitched about hating these movies should shove it up there ass. They should bitch to someone who cares, because we don’t give a flying sh*t. No one cares about people hating these movies. I love these movies, i think there awsome, the guys are doing a great job working on it, the plot about “western” needs work but whoever doesn’t like these movies movies should bitch to someone who cares.

  10. There is just one problem with the rumor about JC3 taking place after the second one. You guys say first it was going to be western but then it is going to take place 21 years after the second but in case u forgot about the previews for the second one it said “Every Twenty-third Spring it gets to eat.” how can it take place 21 years after if it’s every 23 years on spring he comes back. And what i think is that John Carpenter and Wes Craven should team up and write a script and direct it and there should be a couple more creepers (but of course they should look different than the original Creeper.

  11. I liked the 2nd one could have been better but I’m one who thinks humor, gore, and monster make the best mix. There needs to be some more Evil Dead/Dead Alive movies out.

  12. Such eloquent responses. I suppose we’ll be hearing from Dude’s Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Auntie, Uncle, Long Lost family Hamster and all from the same IP Address too…Must be a big house.

  13. hi yes, i hate your movie cuz its taky and i hate it. it was dumb and had no sence of horor ar ALL and you who is reading this should leave this website because it is really stupid!!!

  14. Well, I really think Halloween was retarded. I mean it’s like this, “Hehe Im michael myers ill kill ur ass bitch” It’s not scary. Its just a pissed off guy who kill people for no danm reason. I’ll say it again JC1 kicks ass. JC2 licks ass. JC3:western lick more ass, JC3+JC1 the shit!

  15. I LOVE JONATHAN BRECK!!!!!! He is absolutely amazing…what a “hunky monster.” I love the JC movies and can’t wait to see the 3rd one. Keep ’em comin’ Mr. Salva! These movies are scary, kinda funny, and extremely unexpected in most scenes. These are the best movies since the Halloween series.

  16. I kind of like the idea of western time. Seriously, if it took place in the Revolutionary War, or the arrival of the pilgrims, or even back to the medieval times, would anyone really want to see it. IF they have to show it’s past at all, I’m glad it would be during the time of the Wild West. (It would be kind of funny though if the Creeper was the cause of JAck the Raper’s disapearance.) Also, imagine a more primitive fashion of attacking the Creeper. Those cowboys don’t stand a chance.

  17. JC3 would seriously kill the JC franchise if it took place in western time. I live in Texas and say that cause im ma skater and not a kicker. well……………..

  18. Hey what ever happened to Creeper’s truck. Also, what did he do with the victims’ bodies after he burned down the House of Pain? Victor Salva better explain. The Creeper has to establish hate in the audience like Freddy did by harming kids. Come on. Freddy kicks ass, but he’s still sick.

  19. It would be sweet seeing Trish with some sort of firearm against the Creeper. IMagine the Creeper being electrified or seriously scorched.

  20. I think JC3 should take place with Trish seeking revenge against the Creeper. Also, it should show what happened to all the survivors of JC2. Plus it would be fun to see the nerd freaking out about Creeper coming back. Creeper failed killing the lil faggit twice!!! iF i WAS cREEPER i WOULD BE FUCKIN pissed!! It should also show flash backs of Creeper’s past. Who says it can’t be a prequel and a sequel? However, no gay future crap like Back to the Future 2. Flying cars. lol!

  21. fuk champ and osama bin laden let me set the facts JC1 was good JC2 suked ass and JC3 is known to suk and rule but we’ll wait and see if Salva can bring Jeepers Creepers bak to life

  22. most of u guys who like the 1st better than the 2nd jeepers creepers u are all ball lickers the 1st was so gay darry died fuck u creeper and fuck u people who enjoyed it i have a script for jeepers creepers 3 here and it would be a better script than any of u fuckers would write.

  23. Wow… lots of stupid people out there, like Jonah.

    The first one was good until aunt jemima showed up and basically ruined the movie.

    The second completely sucked.

    The third will take ‘suck’ to a whole new level.

  24. Hey guys,
    jeepers creepers 3 is gonna kick ass. I hope he gets out of that barn where hes being held at. I hope he kills that old guy in the wheel chair and eats his his eyes out. More black people should be in this movie and try to kill him but he turns around and kills chingy and all of those other faget rappers. ludacris, x-zibit, ja-rule, and busta rhymes should die and go to hell. Sew them up and eat their bodies. I wanna star in jeepers creepers 3.

  25. I enjoyed both JC1 and JC2. Of course they both had a different feel to it. But the secret in every movie is that it has to be unpredictable.
    JC1 really scared me in the beginning then kind of lost the edge to it at the mid-end. The chase scenes and the manhole where the bodies were stored was nerve racking. JC2, man the beginning part where its hung up like a scarecrow…that was nice. Then the rest of that movie was really meant to scare the audience but to create a sense of fun or entertainment. These days a horror film that is indended to scare the audience is really no longer there. More thrilling with action sequenses then horrifying. Although there has been some exceptions, like the japanese version of the grudge. Personally, I don’t mind how they entertained the JC2 part. If they can combine that with more of a scare/horror, then by all means…..I still thought Victor Salva did a great job.

  26. I agree that JC3 should not be in western times it should explain more about the creeper like another couple of people on the same highway go to where trish and darry were in the first one but they dont get there by the stupid reason that salva put they should go there becuz it waz a place they heard about in rumors they have see the house of pain and the creeper chases them and somehow they follow him to invesigate and they find out its somthing from hell just an idea

  27. and to answer bobbys question.. the creeper doesnt have sence of any kind all he knos how to do is eat and smell what he wants.. so wen they go after him he doesnt think to jump..hes a animal..they cant understand

  28. the 1st one wasnt all that scary it was kinda dumb like runnnnn why did u even go back! lol.. but over all it was scary..imagine something like that..the 2nd one was draggy and it was all in a bus but then again.. the creature lives in places like that.. so u cant expect it to eat like it does in mattahatan..can u? i think the 3rd one sho0d explain more bout the creature and how he came into the world..make it come to an end..both the movies scared looking forward to a 3rd one

  29. I agree with everyone 100% on this. The second one sucked. For one it made the psychic out to be a liar (She said that she forsaw them all dying, yet almost all of them died).
    I dunno why the creeper was soo clumsy as to get nailed by that harpoon either. Personally I think the 3rd one should take place where the second one took off (With the creeper regenerating, and killing the old fart).
    Putting the movie in Western times would be stupid. I don’t want to see the creeper eating Billy the Kid. That is just lame. In my opinion they need to go back to their roots, and make the movie more scary. The comedy in the 2nd one removed any fear that anyone had.

  30. I hope they make a 3rd one.. I could play tha creeper. I’m serious! 6’2 240lbs Bodybuilder

    All I need is afew minor changes i’ll look just like the creeper, maybe even scarier!!

    The next Creeper!

    Lee Creeper

  31. I wish that Salva looked at what people were saying about JC3 and would listen and it might be the best horror movie. I dont like movies that “jump” because it’s not scary. It’s so loud and you dont expect it. Real horror movies are one’s that frieghten you. It’s all in the storyline.

  32. Definatley need to leave the creeper darker with his old ride, 2 seemed to add humor, didn’t fly well at all. I really thought he was creepy in the 1st one, they need to go back to that image if a 3rd is made.

  33. I really hope they come out with a prequel because although the 2nd one sucked real bad but I think they should really tell more about the creeper show more like it looks like it belongs from western times like really maybe making a JC3 will be awqesome but there has to be alot of gore and frightening stuff popping out of you i mean this shit will never end they mite as well make thousands of creeper movies cuz the creeper will never die! but damn this is cool i been waiting for another creeper movie to come out thank god salva you came to ur instincts and ur creating another!!!!!!!!! I just needa check out the trailer with shakes me

  34. I really hope they come out with a prequel because although the 2nd one sucked real bad but I think they should really tell more about the creeper show more like it looks like it belongs from western times like really maybe making a JC3 will be awqesome but there has to be alot of gore and frightening stuff popping out of you i mean this shit will never end they mite as well make thousands of creeper movies cuz the creeper will never die! but damn this is cool i been waiting for another creeper movie to come out thank god salva you came to ur instincts and ur creating another!!!!!!!!!

  35. i agree that jeepers creepers 2 wasnt scary it was more comedy i think that for jeepers creepers 3 they should have darry in it again and that old truck and i want to know what happened to trish and the house of pain. if you could tell vicor salva this or the writer jeepers creepers 3 could be better than 1!

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