David Goyer to write and direct The Flash for DC

DavidGoyer.jpgSo David Goyer is out of the Blade franchise? Well superb I hear most of you say…okay so I heard the voices in my head, don’t section me please.

Goyer is lined up to write and produce The Flash, yes, the DC Comics Flash. Empire has the story with:

David Goyer – a man who knows his way around comic books, having written all three Blade movies, penned Batman Begins, directed Blade Trinity (although we’ll try not to hold that against him) and numerous other drafts for four-colour adaptations (an early draft of Mark Steven Johnson’s Ghost Rider and the uber-crap David Hasselhoff TV movie version of Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD amongst them) – will write, produce and direct the movie for DC’s parent company, Warner Brothers.

“Flash is my favorite of the properties,” said Goyer. “I think the character of the Flash, who moves faster than the speed of light, opens itself up to rich cinematic and story ideas.”

Wow, sounds stunning Goyer [ahem].

There was a short-lived TV show based on the character in 1990, following the comic book craze sparked by the original Tim Burton Batman. It lasted just a few episodes, but was pretty good fun, and Mark Hamill turned up as the cackling Joker-lite villain, The Trickster.

I didn’t know that. What are the chances that the TV series will still be better than Goyer’s version? Oh, let’s not be harsh. Perhaps the break from Blade and Snipes will help him get onto a good thing with his own script.

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5 thoughts on “David Goyer to write and direct The Flash for DC

  1. Just a note, Super Hero Hype quotes a source as saying that Goyer is looking to base the movie around they Wally West era flash and the first name being tossed around cast wise is Ryan Reynolds, which has me optimistic.

  2. Alright, so apparently Goyer didn’t hit it out of the park with Blade Trininty, but he is a good comic book writer, (check out his JSA work), and all signs point to Batman Begins being an excellent flick.

    As for The Flash TV series, it rocked! Very Tim Burton Batmanish – right down to Danny Elfman composing the theme song. I think it’s out on DVD and is definitely worth checking out.

    Alter Ego Comics

  3. Yep – the show was cool too. It lasted I think 2 seasons, and started with a 2-hour pilot-origin show. The suit actually looked convincing and Mark Hamil was great as the Trickster in 2 episodes.

    Sci-Fi Channed aired reruns sometime in the late 90’s I think.

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