Marlon Brando to be digitally recreated in The Godfather videogame

Godfather.jpgSo now the video film relationship is definitely a two way street. the Guardian has just announced that The Godfather movie is being made into a videogame, and will star the talents of the digitally recreated Marlon Brando.

The rights to reproduce Brando’s likeness were obtained by the game company Electronic Arts before his death on July 1. A computerised Brando will appear as Don Vito Corleone – a role which earned him an Oscar…Electronic Arts has also secured rights to use the Nino Rota compositions.

This has always been a fear of Hollywood, the idea that actors can be replaced by CGI, but quite frankly we’re years off being in that situation. By all means look at the examples of current games and CGI movies, but they all needed full voice involvement and, in most cases, heavy motion capture. However, it will be interesting to see how they do this, presumably there will be a voice impressionist.

Scarface is also undergoing a videogame treatment in the industry.

Vivendi Universal Games is developing a game of Brian De Palma’s 1983 film Scarface which is planned to be a sequel to the movie in which players become involved in a third-person adventure.

There’s no information on which actors will appear in the voice roles, but it is clear the games will be following the GTA: San Andreas model of gameplay quite heavily.

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