Watchmen update…all too late

.jpgOh, this is dreadful news, I can’t believe it. I am a huge comic book fan, in fact my parents just brought my boxes of old comics down from their loft and dumped them with me at my new place. Plus, I am a huge Watchmen fan.

As I put in one of the comments to the previous Watchmen post, I was really excited about it when Terry Gilliam was signed up to it with the Studio on board before The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

So, with the latest setback (see previous posting) I thought it only right to let you know a couple of the rumours from the BBC about the cast list.

“Stars rumoured to be considering roles included Shaun Of The Dead’s Simon Pegg as psychopathic angry man Rorschach and John Cusack as the ageing Night Owl.”

I actually think that Simon Pegg would have been a good choice come to think of it (and probably a much cheaper one than some other thoughts of cast!), and although I am a mammoth John Cusack fan, I’m not sure if he would have been best for Night Owl. I would have thought more a Jeff Bridges type.

However, academic now. Sorry guys, especially if this was true and you were excited by the thought of these names in the roles! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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5 thoughts on “Watchmen update…all too late

  1. oh. and incase you didnt know : pegg has been mentioned (i think) cos hes defo read the script : used his contacts to get hold of the script cos hes a fan of the book.

  2. yeh. simon pegg was mentioned a couple of months back, then we had a big debate of the possibility of big names versus smaller names and unknowns. this film, or rather the story doesnt need names, its not about individuals – its a teamwork story… as far as i can remember. so : unknowns please. and decent actors : spend all the budget on the film and not the supposed talent.

  3. Hmm… Now that I’ve got to thinking about it, wouldn’t Frank Whaley do a good Rorschach? He’s got the slightly nerdy, slightly neurotic thing going that comes out in spades when Rorschach is unmasked.

  4. Philip Seymour Hoffman would be an interesting choice (my last copy has been loaned out so I can’t check, but isn’t it “Nite Owl”?).

    For Rorschach, I saw a glimpse of it in Gordon Michael Woolvett. He’s got the right look, the right build, and he’s capable of the right intensity. If you’ve seen this episode of Andromeda, you know what I’m talking about.

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