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AngryAnakin.jpgI just logged on and looked through a few of the sites I visit for stories and happened to look over the excellent FilmRot site. What should I see there but links to the new Star Wars trailer.

Boy, I was excited. I mean I felt the excitement in the pit of my stomach as soon as I saw the link. So I clicked, was redirected, chose a mirror and within a minute was starting to watch.

Starting with some nice reflective looks to Episode IV, it then kicks into some of the promised story…sorry, cut that, lingering shots and action clips from the movie.

I’ve got to say, I’ve come away excited and with my hopes up for a great movie, but with a bitter taste in my mouth, and that wasn’t the morning cup of tea. Yes, it does look really exciting, and some of the shots look stunning especially the action pieces with the ships, and they’ve been really clever at whetting our taste buds with a shot of each character.

However, if it wasn’t any other movie than Star Wars we’d be sorely disappointed. Looking at the trailer again, it uses some footage from another movie, then you’ll see short shots of some space battle sequences and short cuts of each character either turning around or holding their lightsaber.

Don’t get me wrong, I really am excited, and a big fan. Just taking a step back there’s nothing in there about the movie, about the story, apart from telling you that Darth Vader is here and he’s going to kill everyone. The hype and excitement is based around the prior knowledge of the Jedi, Star Wars and the characters.

So, after all that analysis? It still looks really, really good, and it promises a hell of a lot. It certainly has a lot to live up to if it is to be the step to IV-VI.

What about you lot? Excited? Disappointed? Indifferent?

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22 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode III trailer online

  1. star wars III it’s my favorite movie. I see it five times…i’m a fan of this series… i really want to meat Hayden (anakin)if you can do something for me than writte me a mail…

    thank you’re #1 fan AuDrEy -xXx- …:D

  2. Well im not really sure but i think this movie is going to be awesome i mean just thinking of the clones getting bad and killing people….but i have a question what happen to the Droids? i mean there are the Enemies on the Trilogy but i mean its not the same and what about Jar Jar why is he so smart now?9that stared in eps:II but how did he get smart and why dont they show him a lot anymore in the first movie its was funny but then it got bored well the trailer was cool but i guess we have to wait to see the whole movie before start talking about it what do you think?

  3. You know, I love the prequel trilogy. Many people write it off because of cheesy dialogue and a bad storyline. I have a couple of things to say to that. #1. If you are complaining that the acting is bad, the dialogue is cheesy, and the characters are wooden, then you haven’t seen the OT which takes cheese to a whole new level. Those movies were a textbook definition of bad (and extremely repative) dialogue. Why do we love them? Because they’re fun to watch. Plain and simple. The PT is just as much fun to watch, and in my opinion, has much more action and is better visually. #2. I admit that I felt a bit shafted at the end of EII in terms of the story. However, I soon realized that EIII is really going to shed new light on EI and EII. We will understand and appreciate the story much better when we se EIII. Remember that this is supposed to be a mystery, and I’m sure that Lucas hasn’t let the whole story slip out yet. #3. If the films are so bad, why are we on these boards discussing them.

  4. Okay let’s get it out in the open…1. I am a long time SW Fan. 2. Anyone who has followed the SW Saga knows what is coming. Episode III is not going to have a happy ending (that was EP VI), most of the characters we have come to know in EP I&II are gonna get killed, and the Empire and the Sith will rise to rule the universe. So, since we all know what’s coming how bout we sit back and enjoy the visual spectacle of the universe taking a long ride in the handbasket some of us have been waiting for for about 25 years.

  5. umm how about you actually show the trailer, i mean come on i come to this gay websit expecting to be ble to watch and you give me yet again a beautifull letdown…you guys suck…

    Kiss my intergallatic tail you jerks

  6. Mark, good point and thought, but I can´t kill the kid living inside me lol :D

    I will give this episode the best chances… cuz I know the plot, and is awesome…

    “Impossible to make a bad movie from that material is”

  7. I think the trailer does what the whole stinking set of prequals do – whet the appetite of ageing fanboys by trading on the original trilogy, whilst failing to deliver anything new…..

    I can’t help but look forward to it though…..get’s me every time……

  8. I am cautiously optimistic. I absolutely LOVED the tie in with Alec Guiness narration/appearance.

    As someone else stated, the trailers for the previous two films were good as well… but I don’t know, I have a feeling this one might make up for the first two.


  9. Hehehe… when Lucas needs about 10 million extra bucks in 7 years he’ll probably release a “Phantom Menace Special Edition” with Jar Jar and the young anikin digitally removed. Ahhhh… now THAT would be a killer movie! Cheers!

  10. When the emperor guy says “Riiiise” to Vader I got a few goosebumps. On the surface it looks like this could be a lot better than the first two. At least there won’t be a snot-nosed twirp in it like The Phatom Menace. I wish that film could be redone.

  11. Mark is right. These trailers say little about George Lucas’s skill as a filmmaker but more about his talent (and interest) in salesmanship.

    Star Wars is now less than an actual product and just a brand, but a brand that could now represent nothing. Consider the success of the spin-off novels, comic books, and computer games. They tend to be better than the actual “product” (the movies themselves) that they represent. The licensed media have become products onto themselves that represent a non-product. Wrap your heads around that idea.

  12. RE: Jar Jar. According to (don’t have the direct link handy sorry) JJ appears in a very small role. He stands with a Naboo delegation and has one scene with C3PO. But Lucas is reportedly wanting to edit ROTS to under 2 hours, so maybe this scene will go (it sounds like a C3PO-Jar Jar shared moment would be useless anyway).

  13. It’s pretty. I felt the hairs rising on my arms, and a slight shiver up my back. But I felt the same about Ep I and Ep II when I first saw the teasers for them, too, and look how they turned out.

    It might not suck. But I’m not holding out much hope.

  14. Mark, I haven’t found anything about Jar Jar being in ROTS. I hate JJB as much as anyone else but am curious about his fate. If there is no mention of him or the Gungans at all in ROTS, then we can fantasize that the Republic Clonetroopers genocided all of them during the Clone Wars, which would explain why we never saw that race in the original trilogy (maybe the Nemodians were also exterminated). Either that or maybe Jar Jar will help Padme give birth to Luke and Leia. Perhaps he’s the one who names them!

  15. I get this feeling that most kids today don’t care for the Prequels much. Harry Potter, Spider-Man, LOTR and Pixar speak to them more.

    Apologists were saying that you might not like Jar-Jar but the kids do! Oh, really? WTF happened to Jar-Jar in Episode II? Is he even in Episode III? (I have read absolutely NO mention of him in it.) These same apologists said that teen girls would like Episode II because of the “romance” between Anakin and Padme. I’m not going to bother to respond to that one, other than to point out that I highly doubt those who have ardently defended the Prequels on these grounds know either kids or teenage girls/young women today well.

    And now who are these same people saying Episode III is for? They are saying it is for the naysayers, those who grew up and fell in love with the original trilogy. All I see in this trailer is the corridor set of the Blockade Runner, and this skinny guy and tiny girl dressed up as Darth Vader and Leia for Halloween. Besides the Blockade Runner corridor, the only really cool thing in this teaser is Young Chewie and the Wookies — which dredges up memories of how shitty Return of the Jedi really was (Lucas originally wanted Wookies instead of Ewoks, but then his weird fetish for midgets and dwarves took over.)

    Open your eyes and recall that the teasers and trailers for Episode I and II were EXCELLENT, too. Lucas certainly knows how to create trailers, that I can give him. All filmmakers, aspiring and professional, should study his Prequel trailers as an example of how to effectively sham the audience.

  16. I’m a Star Wars fan, but more of the original trilogy than the prequels. However, I was pretty geeked after seeing the teaser trailer. Then I watched Attack of the Clones last night with my kids and was brought back down to earth. Snazzy effects are one thing, but when the dialogue is crap and the performances are wooden, what could be something great is just ‘blah.’

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  17. Well, to begin I don’t care about Star Wars at all. In fact I never did. So, I kinda expected sometin’ that’d blow me away, right? Well, that definetly ain’t happened.

    And I realise this teaser was made for fans. Mostly in order to sitisfy them. But actually not persuading guys like me going to watch this. Because everyone has already decided whether watcing the movie or not, hasn’t he?

    Too much was shown. That’s why I like “Batman Begins” or “Polar Express” teasers.

    Personally I’d rather liked, if there was shown SW: RotS logo, and then another writing.. sort of “New Dark Force Rising 2005″… and no footage :)
    Yepp, I’d liked THAT more ;))

  18. I am biaised… I am a huge SW fan, even the new trilogy appeals to me quite the same as the old. They are different, that¬¥s all.

    My reaction to the trailer? Bombastic! I happen to know most of what is gonna happen there, and these trailers (and the movie itself), fill my visual idea with a visual shot that surpasses by far my dream.

    It is by its own right one of the most exciting trailers I¬¥ve ever seen, close to “Kill Bill Vol.1” and ROTK. This movie will kick ass!!! I mean… look at the wookies, and the evil sidious!!! Look at the eyes of annakin turned to yellow!!!

    As I told before, I am biaised… but this movie will surprise many, many people! That¬¥s my prediction.

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