UK bookies place odds on Bond

After John discussed the possible new Bond on the Audio MovieBlog edition 2, I thought this was a timely story from the Guardian listing the current Bookmakers odds on who it could be. I just wish I understood the odds!

Place your bets!

It seems Law has dropped slightly from 10-1 after a slew of poor movies.

Rupert Adams, a spokesman for Bookmakers William Hill said:

“We have heard that Ewan McGregor has definitely been contacted or had a screen test whereas a lot of the other names are purely speculation.

“Dougray Scott also said that if he was offered the role he would take it,” he said. “[He] appears to be Scotland’s choice and if he gets the call-up punters will be queuing all over Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

Good news that they’ve looked to McGregor, but like John I don’t think he has what it takes for the suave-ness of Bond. Look at the movie Down with Love, quite a poor remake and he really didn’t manage to compete with Cary Grant who originally led that role.

Don’t get me wrong though, crackingly great actor, just not in the mould of Bond.

Scott is better, but to be honest, doesn’t he look great as a villain?

I really can’t see Law doing it. He’s another actor that just doesn’t fit the mould, if you’re looking at someone with that kind of looks, Paul Bettany would be better. After Gangster No.1, I just can’t think of him as a nice guy!

What of the others? Up first is my personal favourite. This man is without a doubt the closest bet there is to Bond right now.

Yes, the are taking bets on these people, I kid you not.

Jackman, Farrell, Bloom (loved the AudioBlog comments!), Grant, Crow, Willliams and obviously Eminem are just all so wrong. Their whole persona and acting career hasn’t been right, so I pray it’s not one of them.

Everett strikes me as a possible though. Still, I come back to it and say Owen would make a really good Bond, second place for me, Scott…after all, he’s Scottish!

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12 thoughts on “UK bookies place odds on Bond

  1. The problem with Ewan playing bond is that he’s so famous and popular. He would probably be great, he’s certainly a terrific actor but we would be watching Ewan Mcgregor not James Bond. What made Sean Connery the ultimate James Bond was that he brought no stigma to it, he became James Bond almost like a blank canvas becomes the painting.

  2. I think sexy ewan mcgregor should do it because he’s already a ladys man from doing moulin rouge!!!!

    law should not do it or any one eles! so all us ewan mcgregor fans say YES!!!!!! to ewan to be the next bond

    love ya ewan

  3. Clive Owen is my pick. He has a suave, slightly dark aura about him, and not a few of Sean Connery’s “Bond” qualities (still my all-time favourite). I think Hugh Jackman also has a great Bond persona. He’s a lighter than Owen, more Brosnan/Moore-like, always with a wink and a glint in his eye.

  4. Interesting calls and I think Scott is well in the race on here at least!

    Connery has said that McGregor is his tip for Bond. I wonder if he knows who the other Scottish contenders are? – (There’s a bit of unhappiness from some of the Scottish side about Connery living in Spain avoiding taxes and yet funding the Political party that wants Scotland independant.)

    David, I think I’ll live without the betting for this one, although advice would be accepted! I reckon this is going to be a difficult one to win.

    Chloe, you are right, my apologies I decided not to check up on that and just assume. No more needs to be said on that word, other than it should just be assme!

    I think logboy you made a really good point there, and a few others are saying similar things. It’s been unknown (or relatively) and perhaps will go on as being that. Although Brosnan wasn’t really, it just wasn’t hard for Remington Steele to Bond.

  5. thing is : mcgregor, law and some of the others are already far too familiar as other characters or as actors. no bond has been that familiar to audiences when taking on the role : so in a sense they are bond and nobody else and then forever associated or seen as bond.

    as soon as you change that, you loose what bond is.

  6. I would like to see McGregor or Dougray Scott in the role, although I am not sure if they fit completely in the part… Clive Owen would be good as well, but it seems he doesn’t want the part. I can see another british actor, Rupert Penry-Jones, currently playing a part in the UK tv spy series Spooks (MI5 in US), as Bond… he would fit in the part nicely.
    Btw, McGregor’s part in Down with love, was played by Rock Hudson in the original movie (with Doris Day) ;)
    And Hugh Jackman is Australian, actually ;)

  7. one key thing about james bond that the actor has to get right is the charisma and i think jude law would be perfect. he’s very sharp looking, he’s british, and he’s sexy, and he’s very charismatic (artificial intelligence) thats my vote..but the other 2 arnt bad choices.

    by the way, why the f*** is eminem an option?!

  8. James Bond is pass√ɬ®. And I’m not saying this to be a snob, but because it’s true.

    The whole franchise is going crash and burn so bad, it’s going to be great entertainment.

    I like espionage stories, but for God’s sake try something NEW. This is getting pathethic. The world needs another Bond movie like it needs Osama bin Laden. It’s OVER. Let it GO already.

    So, when’s the next “XXX” spy movie (with Vin Diesel) coming?


  9. Imagine eminem
    Bond: – “You bitch, suck ma balls you ho!”
    M: – “Really Mr Bond, any need for that!?”
    Bond: – “Just get me a fat set a wheels and a big gun before I smack ya up”

    Good im a sad sad man.

    Total Film UK mentioned a new man this month. Ioan Gruffudd (yes that is a real name). The man that plays Lancelot in King Arthur. He certainly looks the part, very smooth and deboner. They also like to cast actors who are not too famous already, so they can become Bond. He might be a good outsider, and I reackon you ask the Bookies, you might just get very very good odds. Got to be worth 10-pounds of anyones hard earned money! Rich, if you want I can give you some beating advise and tips.

  10. I think Dougray Scott would be a great choice.

    While Clive totally showed his potential in the BMW shorts, he’s a tad old and too similar to Pierce for me.

    Scott’s a change – younger, rougher, and definitely a return to the Dr.No/Russia Connery form.

  11. clive owen or dougray scott. thats my bet. not a gambling man though… jackman = american. farrell = irish. bana = outsider. bloom = boyish. everett = gay. grant = foppish, wet. crow = australian. robbie = twat. eminem = unpredictable.

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