Julie Delpy for role in Da Vinci Code?

JulieDelpy.jpgComing Soon has a story from an interview with Julie Delpy in the Boston Herald. So to do nothing more than fuel the current debates and discussions on the post for the casting of the movie, it looks like she’s a possible:

“I’m praying,” Delpy told the newspaper. “But we’ll see. You never know until there is a solid cast, but I am going to meet them.”

Delpy will get a sit-down with Howard and producer Brian Grazer, who are currently casting the film and say they are committed to hiring foreign actors to play the book’s foreign characters.

She is up for the role of Parisian cryptologist Sophie Neveu who helps Hanks’ character – Harvard professor Robert Langdon – find the Holy Grail. “I don’t know what their idea for it is,” she said, “or if I am right for it. The character is French, in her 30s and has a shade of red in her hair. I can become a redhead!”


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6 thoughts on “Julie Delpy for role in Da Vinci Code?

  1. I really hope she gets the role too Andriuzzi. I’d like to read the book again and picture her in the character.

    I also love Before Sunrise & Before Sunset, just waiting for it to be released here in the UK this Feb.

  2. I knew that Julie was a gorgeous Actress , last August we saw
    Before Sunset , she cowrited screenplay , it s so a romantic Film ,intelligent , breaking whith general Hollywood productions .
    It s a Warner Independant Movie .We saw the movie in NYC ,it has gone all ovedr the world , as far not in France . We wonder why , for me she seems the ideal part for Sophie Neveu in the Da Vinci Code . I can’t imagine any other actress than her .
    The DVD of before Sunset is now available in America , run and buy it

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