Tom Cruise makes Collateral work

I admit that I am guilty. Whenever I talk about actors, or give a quick list of who I think are amongst the best actors working today, I consistently overlook one name. Tom Cruise. Why? I’m not sure‚Ķ but I’m an idiot for doing it.

In over 20 films… has he EVER given a poor performance? I can name 6 off the top of my head that he probably should have gotten some Oscar consideration for. He may be the most consistent actor working today. He can be funny, serious, play in a drama, comedy, action flick… and even, as we see now, a DAMN good villain.

Collateral is a good film. Not a great film, but certainly better than average. But all I could think about coming out of the theater is how Cruise strapped that movie to his back and carried it all the way. He is AMAZING in this movie. I’m shocked about how little buzz his performance is getting from the media, but I’ll tell you right now, if the Oscars were being given out tomorrow I’d personally be handing the gold to Cruise. He brought so much to this character, such depth to an otherwise 2 dimensional character, that you’re just mesmerized whenever he’s on screen.

If for no other reason‚Ķ go see Collateral just so you can see what I think is the best performance by an actor yet this year. Tell me I’m wrong.

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10 thoughts on “Tom Cruise makes Collateral work

  1. Yeah.. although Tom does a great job being a slick prick, I think Jamie Foxx was great at just being down and out.

    Max gave a fantastic impression that, although skilled at repeating the old cliche that he was in a temporary position, it was obvious the spark that originally made him say it, was now gone from his life. Very captivating.

  2. Cruise was supurb in the roll, but don’t overlook Jamie Foxx’s performance. This is going to be a star making role for him. I can’t wait to see him as Ray Charles.

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