Once Again, We Have a Winner!

Another contest has come to an end … this time it’s our Village giveaway. Thanks to everybody who entered … the posters are going to Matt and Plutonick, the soundtrack CD to Dave Canfield and the signed still to Bloggerman for this:

Here’s a true ghost story that still gives me the willies…

Last Christmas, I got a digital camera from my parents. Being the pest I was, I took pictures of everyone and everything in sight. On Boxing day, I was following my brother around, and took a picture of him going down the hallway. Imagine my surprise and shock when I later looked at the picture to find a creepy looking face in the mirror. I returned to the kitchen later that day and tried duplicating the picture. I could not. It was definetly not me in the mirror – I was standing in a straight line behind me and my brother. I can confirm that there was nothing in the kitchen that could have casted the black image in the mirror. I think somebody or something had stopped to pay a visit that day. The face appeared to be throwing a shadow yet you could see through it to the cupboard reflected in the mirror. Wierd. To think, I was standing right next to this thing. I still get creeped out everytime I look at the picture. I have included the original picture and a zoom-in of the mirror.

villagecontest1.jpg villagecontest2.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Once Again, We Have a Winner!

  1. Um, guys, I think I screwed. I live in Greece and therefore I am not eligible for the contest.

    To say the truth, I never expected to win. My story was only one sentence long, after all.

    Can you please pass the prize to the next runner-up or something?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry for the inconvenience

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