Start Making Your Schedules Now

For those of you who have been waiting with an open excel table for the Toronto Internation Film Festival schedule to come out – well today is the day. It’s pretty easy to use and is now making me realize how much free time I’m not going to have from September 9 – 18. Check the schedule here.

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5 thoughts on “Start Making Your Schedules Now

  1. Aw, you changed your nickname. I liked my version better.

    But yeah … I’m looking at four or five screenings I want to do every day. I’m going to be sooooooo burnt out by the end of this thing …

  2. yeah, I know what you mean Johnny I have a list of dates and times for at least 20 movies already – and I’m also volunterring 6 of the days and working my other job 4 of the days. I’m trying to make it all work. Ugh. Did you that scene in scanners when the guys head explodes……

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