Troy, Trailers, and Predictions Pertaining Thereof. Or something Like That.

Hi. Remember me? Yeah, I post here. You prob’ly don’t see much evidence of me around lately. – Well, my recent posts are gone – don’t spellcheck old posts at 4:45am while you’re exhausted, you end up pressing the wrong buttons. Yeah, Shut Up. That’s today’s lesson. On we go…

First off, the movie of Troy is rather old news, however, the final trailer of Troy is new and downright shiny and worth blinking at, at least twice. Give it a go, why don’t you? Click this.

They even gave Brendan Gleeson a Trailer Line. “Who’s Brendan Gleeson?” you ask? Well, he’s an amazing actor that, and you can quote me on this, will likely see his first major supporting role in the next.. oh, we’ll be generous .. 2 years – well, maybe 6. Why? Because he’s too bloody good. An Irish actor so versatile in his acting, that I didn’t even know I was watching the same human in movies I had watched repeatedly. (Compare Hamish (the ‘best friend’) from Braveheart, the Sheriff in Lake Placid and the Drunk Spaniard in Tailor of Panama. — Yeah, I didn’t know it was the same guy either.) Absolutely shocking folks.

Stuff Brendan’s got on the way:
The Village directed by M. Night “Try and pronounce this” Shyamalan.
– And another little epic movie directed by some guy named Ridley Scott.

– And why, may you ask, can you take my word for this advancement of Brendan? Well, I’m the guy who predicted 20 out of 24 Academy Awards. Wanna see me flex? Actually.. never mind.

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