2 Fast 2 Be Ashamed of Yourself.

Well kids, I gotta admit, I’m disappointed with you. You and 2 million of your friends bought the 2 Fast 2 Furious DVD over the weekend ending monday.

Why? Dear Lordy, Why? Let me help you here. You are not a Thug. You are not a Machine. You and your friends would save a lot of money if you would just cut to the chase of “showing up your hood” if you would just compare penis measurements.

If there’s anything more fascinating than the amount of money a Rob Cohen flick can make, it’s the amount of money a SEQUEL to a Rob Cohen flick that even Rob Cohen wouldn’t direct, can make.

For shame.

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One thought on “2 Fast 2 Be Ashamed of Yourself.

  1. ah, come on. it’s just a movie about cool cars & cool race scenes
    w/ a few hot chix(that’s chick’s w/ an x mind you) thrown in for added verisimilitude.
    ok, j/k about that one, but it’s just a cool brainless no plot movie. a B movie w/ A budget.
    at least they didn’t brand it an instant classic like gangs of new york. jeez, was that one overrated.

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