Indiana Jones DVD Release, Features, Trailers and more stuff.

Well, here’s everything you may care to know about the Indiana Jones DVDs in a few minutes or less..

Dvd’s will be available on October 21st. Pre-Order anywhere that has a life.
-The DVD trailer can be seen right here.
-Indiana Jones Part 4 is tenatively set for July 1st 2005 (this is as concrete as Bennifer’s wedding day).

The Bonus DVD Features seem to be so-so as of yet. What I can find so far is this:
(keep in mind, I don’t count “screen ratio” and “selection” and “menus” to be a feature)
Original Trailers. neat. but no big deal
4 Little “Featurettes” on the Stunts, Lights, Sound and Music of the movies. I’ll watch ’em. Once. Maybe twice.
A Full Feature Documentary. Easily the coolest thing I’ve found so far for the Indy features.
**Now you gotta be careful with how they worded this..
      “Fourth disc features 200 minutes of extras including never-before-seen footage from all three films“***
That would easily be mis-taken as 200 minutes of never-before-seen footage. But it could also mean “the Documentary and featurettes make up 200 minutes and they have moments of never-before-seen stuff.” — That’s a small change but could mean a big difference.

There’s some stuff in there for DVD-Roms, but no biggie. To Sum This Up, so far, I haven’t seen anyone say that there are any features (none that I can see so far anyway) like the following:
Deleted ScenesI love these, who doesn’t?
Outtakes Ibid
COMMENTARIESOkay, some people may find these boring, but I love them.
Story board comparisons.
“Pop-Up Video” type version of the film. The Back to the Future set has this feature and it’s incredible.
Alternate scenes or endings.
— Perhaps some of these will be covered in the documentary.. we’ll hafta wait and see.

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