Keira Knightley Not Necessarily Next Bond Girl.

Despite rumours, Keira Knightley has not actually been contacted by anyone about being the next Bond Girl in 2005. — Which puts those ‘Jurassic Park 4’ rumours (which were very strong by the way) in doubt.

Now, writing this blurb does a few things: 1) It’s movie news and worth noting. 2) I get to select a Keira picture to use and 3) if I can figure out how to use the words ‘nude’ or ‘naked’ in the same entry, then the search engine hit results will go through the ceiling.


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2 thoughts on “Keira Knightley Not Necessarily Next Bond Girl.

  1. Actually, that’s probably a good thing. The thought of the not-even 20 year old girl having to throw herself at Pierce is just a little too creepy for my mind. But since that whole middle-aged woman going for young kid thing is going on now, pair up Bond and Bea Arthur

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