The Incredibles

Superhero Movies rock my world. I love them. I am a big fan of comic books, cartoons, action figures and games that feature superheros. They make me giddy.

Know what else makes me giddy? Pixar. I haven’t been disappointed with a Pixar release yet. And now I get more torment to add to my waiting for Star Wars:Episode 3 and Indiana Jones 4. The Incredibles.

I saw a teaser preview about a month ago that shows this aging superhero trying desperately to buckle up the belt that no longer fits the girth bound within the red spandex wearing hero. I nearly fell off my chair. Pixar is to release The Incredibles November 5th… oh wait… in 2004 (jerks) The animated adventure is about a family of undercover superheroes who try to live the quiet suburban life but are forced into action to save the world.

The teaser nearly killed me. I am dying to see this. While I am waiting, I’ll have a salad…maybe some rice cakes.
Click HERE for behind the scenes tidbits!

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