When a shot to

When a shot to the face just isn’t bad good enough
Wow. We all know Gigli is doing poorly. Actually, no. Poorly doesn’t work… “Critically pissed on” works better. And only to make matters worse, 1) It has jumped the entire “Horrid” list on The Internet Movie Database to land itself at Number 1 as the worst movie ever….

And 2), just in case you hadn’t heard, they’re releasing another one. Yes, you heard it, another J. Lo and Affleck movie. Next Year. Called “Jersey Girl”. Mind you, don’t get all tiffy, – this is a Kevin Smith flick. — and it’s been in the spinner for a couple years now… with a few of the staple Kevin Flick-ites in the cast. Although you could probably bet yer bunk that they won’t market this as a J.Lo and Affleck movie.

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