Official Spiderman 2 website up and running

The officail site for Spiderman 2 is now online and its looking pretty good. There are a lot of features the die hard fans will enjoy and enough boom that will keep the marginal fans attention. There’s also a cool pic of Doc Oc on the front thats been circulating around the web for a while. Personally, the site seems to have a Lord of the Rings.Net feel to it. Take a look and see what you think

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6 thoughts on “Official Spiderman 2 website up and running

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Spider-man 2 I wish that they should have called it The Amazing Spider-man based on the comic book. anyway, Jake Gyllenhaal was rumored to be in Spider-man 2 as Cletus Kassidyaka Carnage keep me posted.

  2. i tink that the first spiderman film ruled and iam hopeing for the second to be even better. if that is possible. the site looks gr8 and the online spidey quiz is a gr8 feature not to mention how in depth the site goes about the carictars relation ships.

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