New/Newish Movies Ya Might Wanna

New/Newish Movies Ya Might Wanna See.

Well folks, don’t say we don’t look out for you. I spend a little too much time browsing through what’s coming up in movies, and I’ve selected a number of trailers that look quite promising. There’s no order here, these have just stood out in the trailers I’ve seen in the past hour or so.

Paycheck – It’s John Woo. Uma Thurman’s in it. Should I keep going?
Bubba Ho-Tep – If you don’t want to see this, you’re a fart.
Hidalgo – Viggo Mortensen. This actually looks like it could be pretty good. I’m surprised I haven’t even heard of it yet.
Passionada – Maybe it’s because it has a sub theme of “Women will notice you if you’re rich”, I dunno. Maybe I’m just bitter.
Cat in the Hat – Dr. Suess. Mike Myers. Shut Up.
Godsend – Creepy Movies = Good. Creepy movies with enigmas after cloning a dead person = Really Spiffy. Creepy movies with enigmas after cloning a dead person starring Rebecca Romijn-Stamos = Never leaving the theatre.
The Eye – This release is very limited, if it’s still available to see at all. If you can, see it see it see it see it………
Master and Commander – Russell Crowe might be playing the “leader” roles a lot, but I’ll hand it to them, despite the mainstreaminess, this looks pretty solid.
The Battle of Shaker Heights – For winning the Greenlight Project, (a “contest” spearheaded by Affleck and Damon where a “nobody”s script is chosen to make into a film) this movie has got a funky atmosphere and has a few snappy one-liners.. in the trailer anyway. Congrats to whoever wrote it.
The Rundown – I know I already mentioned it, and I know a movie with ‘The Rock’ may not blow wind up your skirt, but this trailer has me sold and then some.

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