From ‘the Passion’ to Luther

From ‘the Passion’ to Luther
I don’t know if one movie inspired the idea for the other, but knowing the story behind this, I’m actually surprised that no one has shot a movie about it yet. Click here for the trailer of “Luther”. At the very least, I would’ve figured that some Public Domain Bible Society with no money would’ve tried to make a 10 dollar rendition of it by now. It will be interesting to see what kind of a person Martin Luther is made out to be. I’d imagine that since he challenged the order of the church head on, they’ll make him out to be an ‘edgy’ rebel rather than a rebel in a single, serious matter. Oh well.. it would make for a better script. We’ll see how Hollywood’s words (well, this is independent, so not necessarily Hollywood, but you know what I mean) mess with Luther’s words.

Either way, all of the hype surrounding ‘the Passion’s Biblical theme, may in fact give this one a little boost at the box office.

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