Jackson says he Wont Direct the Hobbit Unless he Has To

With Guillermo del Toro stepping away from directing The Hobbit, the clear fallback director that was on everyone’s lips would be the man who brought Middle Earth to life – Peter Jackson.

But PJ says that he’s busy. Got stuff to do. He might if it looks like the film will fall apart without him, but he has his obligations that he doesn’t want to back out on, and doesn’t think they would let him if he did want to.

Screen Junkies shares:

Jackson seems dead set against directing the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy unless his presence is absolutely necessary.

“If that’s what I have to do to protect Warner Bros’ investment, then obviously that’s one angle which I’ll explore.” This assumes that it’s even possible. He explains, “The other studios may not let me out of the contracts.”

Those other studios include TinTin which he is set to be directing as the planned production of Guillermo’s chapter of The Hobbit will take place.

As much as I wouldn’t mind Jackson returning to Middle Earth, the Hobbit has a completely different feel than the more serious Lord of the Rings. So I was hoping for a different director to really steer that feeling. Not that Jackson couldn’t shift gears, but just someone different.

Of course some people are now rallying to Neill Blomkamp after his success with District 9, but even Neill said he woudln’t entertain massive budget films controlled by studios.

I think that Sam Raimi would be a nice fit.

Who would you pick to direct The Hobbit?

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3 thoughts on “Jackson says he Wont Direct the Hobbit Unless he Has To


    I forgot all about Sam Raimi…wasn’t he in consideration before?
    But where’s he gonna put the Olds? lol

  2. Actually, Raimi could do a great job with a movie like this. I’d say that the fun and appeal of Spiderman (or Hercules, or Xena, or any number of his awesomely terrible ‘horror’ films)… the fact that it’s not too serious… is similar in tone to how I think The Hobbit, as a story, should feel. If it’s too serious and too much like the Jackson trilogy of LOTR, it wouldn’t work. Raimi, if anything, could make even more sense than Del Toro.

    That said, studios don’t seem to like him very much at this point, so I’m not so sure they’re going to toss a project that will cost $200 million + just to film in his hands.

    I’d say the guy who did The Golden Compass could make a decent Hobbit movie, too. The Golden Compass, as a movie, wasn’t that great… but I think it has more to do with the source material than anything else. (Before anyone rants and raves about how great the His Dark Materials trilogy was… it was okay. I just think The Golden Compass was the weakest installment of the trio, and the concept of talking daemons just didn’t work on film). Of course… he was also the guy who did New Moon, for what that’s worth (not much)… but if the studios are looking for a guy who can make a decent, professionally made film that will profit at the theaters… he could fit, if he has the time to do it.

    I don’t care very much who they pick, though, because I was never a huge fan of The Hobbit and think it would be a middling movie, at best. If anything, I think that’s the biggest reason why Peter Jackson doesn’t want to direct these movies. He knows they can’t live up to the LOTR trilogy, by any stretch of the imagination.

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