First Look at Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Some new images have surfaced in the next chapter of the Chronicles of Narnia. Voyage of the Dawn Treader was considered too much of a financial risk for Disney to continue the franchise and thankfully for Narnia fans, 20th Century Fox picked up sole production and distribution.

Check out the images from the film showcasing the Dawn Treader herself.

These look great. I expect a mini doc on the DVD release will showcase creating this impessive vessel, and word has it that the 200+ craftsmen involved in its creation have their names engraved on the main mast.

It seems that Fox is keeping the shiny Disney look of the franchise which I do like. I didn’t care for Prince Caspian as much as the first film, but I was looking forward to seeing Dawn Treader.


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33 thoughts on “First Look at Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  1. I tend to think that the real reason people are hating on fox is cause there political stand…now whats sadder that these so called movie fans hate Fox cause of that yet they wont admit why they hate it…fox still is one of the biggest studios and have come out with great movies in the last 2 decades….if i scroll up i can find atleast 5 asshole commentors who think this beef is irrelevant…i mean look at a list of movies they made in the last 10 years…NOW YOUR JUST STUPID IF U SEE NOTHING U LIKE!

  2. Has anyone read the book? Personally I think its one of the best out of the whole series. Its jam packed with plot and different adventures. There is some serious potential (more than the first two I’d say) if they can just transfer those moments from book to script. I guess thats always the hard part though, but I think Dawn Treader has a better chance of being a great film than the others do if people will go to see it. If u like reading I recommend it, as well as the whole series, its short easy reading and a great story. Anyone who has read it, agree, disagree, opinions?

  3. I certainly am no fan of Fox, but I will see this at theater without a second thought. Fantasy movies are my number one thing so I will go in with no preconception and just hope for a great movie.

  4. Blind leaps of faith is what the movie business IS all about right? untill something is released,viewed,reviewed,liked,disliked,bashed,defended, etc.

    wait what are we talking about again?

    oh,yeah… “track record”
    according to all the FOX haters. I mean, entertainment is a tricky thing.
    your not going to satisfy everyone-everytime.
    it’s a gamble. I always thought a good movie should not be measured by box office reciepts as far as if it’s good or not, but you have some people who solely look at this stat to define a movie.

    I’m not on the FOX sucks bandwagon. we hear about all this meddling stuff from websites, fansites and the such. I read this stuff with a sceptics eye, but I read it none the less for entertainment purposes.we all are swift to judge saying there ruining the film with the suit meddling and blah,blah,blah.but shit it’s not easy handling multi-million dollar films and not second guess certain stuff. its thier money and rep. thats on the line not ours.
    What if we had online sites to second guess or bash the stuff we do for a living?

    dont know if I keepin on track BTW.

    ahhhhh nevermind.

    cant work and do this at the same time….

  5. My 2 cents:

    Chronicals was (4 me) O.K. at best, great costumes, book adaptaions, decent effects (except for the lion)interesting cast choices BUT to me it knda felt flat. The Villan in the film played by what’s her face was the main beef for me. I didn’t really care for her performance in this. other than the final battle it was kinda boring.

    I got more excitement watching those old Sinbad movies with the fighting skeletons and shit

    Have not returned to watch the second film.

    As for FOX and their reputation of churning out shit. well I for one just look at a track record to define current managment. BUT anything can be turned around. but probally NOT with this film.

  6. mentally challenged for enjoying a movie? that’s a very extreme and dangerous way to classify people who like something you don’t. Some movies have a 50/50 split, so half the viewers of a movie are mentally challenged?

    The mentally challenged comment is too broad and therefore extremely false.

  7. I only go by track record Rodney, I won’t assume it will suck. If Walden Media has to bend over for Fox like other films had to, it could ruin the film.

    i thought I had put a discreet enough disclaimer showing I wouldn’t be assuming it will suck now that it is under Fox. I suppose I was too vague and suggested otherwise.

    1. Every group that works with a studio has to “bend over” for the studio that has put up all the money to make the movie.

      EVERY studio has final say over the product and EVERY studio has just as good a chance to “ruin” the film for you.

      This blind hatred for Fox has no basis.

      1. I love how people give FOX hate, and yet that studio has given us some of the greatest films ever, such as Alien, Aliens, OT Star Wars, Die Hard, X-men, X2. Sure they gave us some crappy films, but what studio hasn’t?

        As for Narnia, I enjoyed the first, but couldn’t get into the second. And the third doesn’t really catch my attention.

      2. Matt, besides the X-Mens most of Fox’s best came out in the 80’s! Their glory days are no more, unless Cameron doesn’t flop with AVATAR. Fox just makes shit nowadays!

      3. Many people precisely hate Fox because they cant consistantly put out classics like they used to. They have mostly put out shit this past decade. This is not blind hatred like Rod describes, it’s pretty damn logical.

      4. “, it’s pretty damn logical”

        Its logical to hate the studio because they put out bad films? OK, lets hate on Sony for giving us “Spider-man 3”. Lets hate on WB for giving us those god awful Burton/Schumacher Batman films.

        Its only logical, right?

  8. I’m definitely interested in seeing the film. Screen shot of the ship looks good but we’ll see how it actually turns out. I’m surprised that they decided to go ahead with this third film since the second one didn’t do as well.

  9. I happened to like the films so far, true the magic from the first is lacking in the second. I do feel Fox can ruin a film with all the bad stuff they came out with. These screenshots stir the imagination, mine tells me this could be fun.

      1. And that answers nothing.

        This blind Fox hating has no basis. Every studio has ruined a film and Fox has put out a LOT of hits too.

        There is no reason to assume it will be ruined just because its Fox.

      2. Hey, you wanted to know why people will assume Fox would ruin it.
        The answer is simply because it IS Fox. There’s nothing rtional that can be applied to it.

      3. I’m not trying to argue in anyone’s position.

        The reason people hate Fox is because it’s Fox. They just do. There’s no rational or logical basis behind it.

        If anything, I’m arguing in favor of your side.

      4. I personally think Fox sucks as well. Mostly because they have the biggest douchebag of a Chairman who just says “Fuck the fans, we just want they’re money.” Now I know all movies are made for money, but you could at least try to make a good movie while trying to make money. And everytime they make something with some pententional, like Wolverine or Eragon, they fuck it up because they just don’t care anymore. What do you think would have happened if they had done Watchmen, huh? They wouldn’t have cared what the fans wanted; they would just say fuck it and make a bad film in the hopes of a high profit and not give a damn about what people think.

        That’s just my opinion. Fox sucks because they don’t even try. Now we got shit like Ice Age 3 and Alvin and the Chipmunks coming out from them and even they fuck that up.

      5. Slash, that was my point. You were enforcing what I said.

        And Dragonslayer… if you think that EVERY studio doesnt make their decisions based on money then you are decieving yourself.

        EVERY studio will screw the fans in favour of money if it comes down to it. In most cases they dont know they are screwing the fans until they see the reaction to their decisions. But all their decisions are motivated by money. They take a gamble on what the fans will go for, and sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.

        When WB chose Ledger for Joker there was a lot of people who thought that was a bad idea. But they felt they were doing the right thing. If he sucked then everyone would be saying that it was the studio shafting the fans.

        It works both ways.

        Every studio can at times be guilty of doing something that ruins a movie. For you.

      6. Rod, I was being sarcastic. Truth is: Fox has been putting out more shit than greatness(9 outta 10 ratio) in the past decade. I really hope that Fox doesn’t fuck up Dawn Treader so that the remaining Narnia books will also get made into movies.

    1. The studio isn’t always the culprit when it comes to the final outcome of a film. It also has a lot to do with the creative team, which is the same one that would have been in place with Disney. The only real difference is that, under Fox, the creative team was able to do what they wanted with it, and not make it Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

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