4 New Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince TV Spots

Since the third Potter film (which I thought was absolute garbage) I’ve found myself liking the Harry Potter films more and more… to the point that I can now honestly say I’m quite excited about seeing the next film. At any rate, 4 new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tv spots have made their way online and they’re pretty damn sweet:

(via: ComingSoon)

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15 thoughts on “4 New Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince TV Spots

  1. When will we all die down with this Harry Potter fad? All of the films rush you along a story that tries to be clever, convoluted and interesting, when it’s not remotely well written or funny. I can’t stand this franchise!

  2. The third Book and movie are actually my favorite. This movie is actually my least favorite book, but 5 also was, and I ended up liking that movie alot, so I think this will be good hopefully.

  3. the golden compass was the single most depressing movie going experience of my life. The film was a complete bastardisation of one of my favourite books ever. They ripped out everything that made the book good and inserted terrible acting, awful effects and butchered the ending beyond belief. Unlike the Harry Potter films that, although changing and removing certain aspects have stayed true to the books and brought to life a world I thought would only ever exist in my head.

    Please read His Dark Materials series which begins with NORTHEN LIGHTS. Not the golden compass. Which is actually called an altheiometer.

    Rant over!

    1. I actually liked The Golden Compass, it was just that it was rushed and also Nicole Kidman, who I adore, was flat in her acting.

      I’m hoping Potter 6 will beat out the fourth film for the best of the series.

  4. my God they are doing an amazing job with this franchise…i was a lil worried after the first 2, but man, everything after has been fantastic.

    and am i the only one wanting a golden compass sequel? never read the books, but loved the world and mythos of the movie.

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