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In Bruges is a film I’ve been dying to see ever since I saw the first trailer for it. The synopsis reads like this:

“Bruges, the most well-preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium, is a welcoming destination for travellers from all over the world. But for hit men Ray and Ken, it could be their final destination; a difficult job has resulted in the pair being ordered right before Christmas by their London boss Harry to go and cool their heels in the storybook Flemish city for a couple of weeks. Very much out of place amidst the gothic architecture, canals, and cobbled streets, the two hit men fill their days living the lives of tourists. Ray, still haunted by the bloodshed in London, hates the place, while Ken, even as he keeps a fatherly eye on Ray’s often profanely funny exploits, finds his mind and soul being expanded by the beauty and serenity of the city. But the longer they stay waiting for Harry’s call, the more surreal their experience becomes, as they find themselves in weird encounters with locals, tourists, violent medieval art, a dwarf American actor shooting a European art film, Dutch prostitutes, and a potential romance for Ray in the form of ChloĆ«, who may have some dark secrets of her own. And when the call from Harry does finally come, Ken and Ray’s vacation becomes a life-and-death struggle of darkly comic proportions and surprisingly emotional consequences.”

New poster is out for it now. Not sure I totally dig the poster… but I still can’t wait to see the film. Brendan Gleeson RULES!


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9 thoughts on “In Bruges Poster

  1. I live in London and I got to see a special first preview screening of this film about two months ago. It was the almost finished cut and it was being screened to us for marketing research. I was really impressed with the film as its pretty original and if they haven’t cut it since the screening then your in for some intense scenes. One sequence really stood out and we all begged the screeners not to cut it out because it’s really not Hollywood at all…You’ll see what I mean when the finished film comes out. Also, all the performances were really strong…even Farrell who’s done some shit recently.


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