The Bank Job Trailer

A new trailer for The Bank Job has been loosed on the internet. Check it out amigos!

This is a great trailer. I instantly became a fan of the old guy who says “I haven’t had this much excitement since the war.” Classic line. Having naughty pictures as the target of a bank robbery is a neat-o idea and I love it when heist movies follow the criminals post thievery. I like to see the breakdown of the situation, some make out as winners, some get busted, and some don’t live to see tomorrow.

The Bank Job has a release date of March 7, 2008.

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11 thoughts on “The Bank Job Trailer

  1. Trailer is gone! (As of 2:08am ET Thursday).

    I’ll never understand WHY studios force sites to remove trailers they supposedly WANT people to see. (Free publicity? NO THANK YOU! We’d like our movie to die an obscure death if you please!)

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