Lost In Translation Whisper Revealed

Spoiler City! Spoiler City! For those of you that have always wondered what Bill Murray said to Scarlett Johannson in the final scene of Lost In Translation, I have good news for you. It appears a studious sound-smith has used modern gadgetry and science to divulge the whispered words between the two friends. We come across this video thanks to our friends at /film.

I watched the video myself, and wish I hadn’t, but curiosity got the best of me. What is said in the video has no drastic change on my interpretation of the film, I was hoping for something that was gibberish. Because the whisper was planned to be inaudible I would of liked to hear Bill Murray talk nonsense about ham sandwiches or the majesty of the Queen Mum.

I do not want to talk about what was spoken in the post, but feel free to discuss the secret message in the comments section. Those of you that want to keep the whisper a secret – move along.

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12 thoughts on “Lost In Translation Whisper Revealed

  1. ammended

    “Honesty is the best policy in the world. If it dos’ent make you happy, tell the truth”

    thats my guess

    Ray S

    S London

    Now STILL pay me!!! ;)

  2. i can’t agree with this “im leaving now”

    she knows he’s leaving!!

    What i hear is

    “honesty’s the best thing to get you through this world, if it dos’ent make

    you happy, tell the truth”

    anyone agree? Ray S S London

  3. Please stop supporting Hd DVD, its a dead medium, its being outsold by blu-ray all over the world, stop supporting dead technology

  4. i could swear i heard something about the truth at the end. not “us”. but i dont have a digital voice decoder so i am sure i am wrong!

  5. I know it was something like that. I love that film it is on my top 20 films of all time. I need to get it on HD DVD sometime soon. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson. Are just fuc#ing great in the film.

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