Autograph Magazines 10 Best And Worst Autograph Signing Celebrities

Autograph Magazine has released their annual list for the best and the worst celebrity autograph givers. We were made aware of this thanks to the good people over at City News:

The Best The Worst

1. Johnny Depp 1. Will Ferrell

2. Matt Damon 2. Tobey Maguire

3. George Clooney 3. Joaquin Phoenix

4. Jack Nicholson 4. William Shatner

5. Rosario Dawson 5. Renee Zellweger

6. John Travolta 6. John Malkovich

7. Katherine Heigl 7. Julie Andrews

8. Jay Leno 8. Bruce Willis

9. Dakota Fanning 9. Teri Hatcher

10. Russell Crowe 10. Scarlett Johansson

I am surprised to see Russell Crowe jump from one list to another. It looks like he is actively trying to clean up his image, and who can blame him. His antics over the past few years have caused him to grace the covers of trash mags on a weekly basis. I can only imagine how often his publicist screams at him.

One standout on the “worst” list is Will Ferrell. Autograph magazine has the following to say about him: “What’s so frustrating about Will Ferrell being the worst autograph signer this past year is that he used to be so nice to fans and collectors, and a great signer. What makes him so bad is that he’ll taunt people asking for his autograph.” Although it sucks that Will doesn’t throw around autographs like he used to, I think I would prefer to have him berate me for asking. Will Ferrell cussing you out is like Mike Tyson punching you; you have been assaulted by the best, just be happy you were a part of it.

I am not a big autograph collector, but everyone I have approached has been nice enough to cough one up. My ukulele has been signed by all four members of Motley Crue and Marky Ramone; I consider it to be an artifact because of this.

International friends – do you have an autograph story that you would like to share?

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10 thoughts on “Autograph Magazines 10 Best And Worst Autograph Signing Celebrities

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  2. It was awesome meeting Bruce Campbell. It’s time for a bedtime story, so sit back kiddies and let Santa tell you two stories about The Great Bruce Campbell:

    Several years ago Bruce Campbell posted his mailing address on his website. It said he’d personally reply to each and ever letter received. I wrote him a letter asking if he could send my wife an autograph (she was girlfriend back then). A few weeks later I got a call from her. She’d just checked the mail and had received an autograph from Bruce Campbell! This was on Valentines Day. I owe Bruce Campbell for that one! Best. Timing. Ever.

    The second ‘Bruce’ story was when he was on his first book tour a few years ago. After his presentation and Q&A, Rachel and I had the opportunity to meet him and get his book signed. She went first, but when I went to take the picture of them, my camera froze. I was really nervous and thought his publicist was going to throw us out or something for holding up the line. Instead, Mr. Campbell noticed my panicked look and asked my wife what my name was. She told him and he said ‘Take your time, David. You gotta get a great picture of me and your wife!’ I was like ‘OK, thank you Mr. Cambell.’ I ended up with a great photo and I was left with official proof that the actor I’d admired for so long was truly a great guy!

    Now, drink your cookies and go to bed, ’cause Santa’s got a lot of presents to deliver!

  3. I’m not too surprised with the list – the actors in the worst category would probably be pretty intimidating if I met them.

    Scarlett Johansson being one of the worst does kinda surprise me, but I bet she’s a bit scared of her fans and their obsession with her boobs. She’s probably a little like Natalie Portman – uber-hot and ultra-stalkable…um…to some people.

  4. The problem is that autograph seekers can be rude. I met Bruce Willis in Hawaii when he was filming Tears of the Sun and he was great. My military company HQ MCB Hawaii, played him and some of the crew at softball, and he took pictures for everybody hung out, ate, drank a couple of beers and bullshitted for like four hours. HOWEVER…If I approahed him on the street when he had something to do or somewhere to go, I’d imagine he’d be a bit put off, as I would be myself.

  5. I got Jim Carrey’s autograph on a Lemony Snicket poster, and he was really nice about it.

    Tobey Maguire doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve seen vids of him slapping cameras out of fans’ hands. Fucking DOUCHE. Glad to see my Johnny make it to number 1. Even though the guy is private, he still makes time for his fans which makes me love him even more. Good for him.

  6. Johnny Depp is no#1 once again. That speaks volumes.

    And come to think of it, I heard of Woody Harrelson and AndrĂ© Benjamin giving autographs while ‘Semi-Pro” filmed for a week in my neck of the woods (Flint,MI), and while there were “Farrell” sightings, I didn’t hear of one person getting an autograph from him. I’m sure there was one.

    I personally don’t have much need for autographs. There is to date only one I actually asked for and got, because I was with a group of friends at the time in Austin – the autograph was that of director Jonathan Demme- and all it looked like was pen scribble on a mini-poster of ‘Trouble With Charlie’.

    Also there was the baseball that was given to be by a relative- who managed to get members of the ’78 LA Dodgers to sign the baseball. Some of the names have faded, but three have not: that of the manager Tommy Lasorda, SS Bill Russell, and 1B Steve Garvey.


    As to why I don’t seek autograpghs with zest?
    I hope to one day work in the industry I love, thus most autographs are pointless.
    However should I ever get the chance, I would make exceptions for Annie Wood or Chuck Norris.

  7. Personally I don’t see the point of asking for an autograph, but I know some people love it. I think it’s fun to see an actor/actress you admire out on the street, in a shop or restuarant/club you’re at, but I choose not to bug them. They’re out having fun with friends they don’t need my geeky ass coming up and saying Hello. LOL.

    My best friend recently met Julie Andrews at a restaurant and found her to be very pleasant, but then again he wasn’t asking for an autograph. ;)

  8. I went to one of Party Boy’s gigs. He was unpacking the gear from the van and we made eye contact as I passed, he said hi and asked me how I was. He also posed for me for some photographs.

  9. I didn’t get an autograph, but I shared a pint with Mr. Keifer Sutherland in a Toronto strip club a few years ago. Great guy to talk to, and I am guessing he signed the young ladies autograph request sometime later that night…

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