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Knocked Up Trailer Online

Just a few days ago Sharon posted about Seth Rogan in Knocked UP and despite the fact the tasty Anne Hathaway wont be co-starring, I actually think that Katherine Heigl may just be a better fit. Click here to see the trailer and tell me what you think!

Bionic Woman is back on

Hollywood remakes take those things that are on the edge of death. We have the technology, We have the ability. We can make those shows better, faster, stronger. Among those nostalgic tv shows being spun into feature film remakes, the Six Million Dollar Man is not on my list of … [Read More]

Hoodwinked 2

despite not being received with huge open arms by the critics or fans alike, the fact that Hoodwinked pushed itself into the #1 spot at the boxoffice has apparently sealed the deal for a sequel to get into the works. Yup… there’s gonna be a Hoodwinked 2 that shall apparently … [Read More]