20th Century Fox 2006 Summer Line Up

The good folks over at M&C have given up the Summer Line up for 20th Century Fox. Some look good… some not so good

– X-Men: The Last Stand
There was a lot of doubt over this project… and to be fair there still is. However, it’s amazing how much a great trailer can turn public perception around. Could this flick actually end up being any good? At this point I’m betting it will be the worst of the 3 x-Men films… but still fun. We’ll see.

– The Omen
Oh boy… another remake of a classic horror film. A young boy is born who is destined to become the anti-christ. Isn’t his name George W. Bush? (kidding!)

– Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kittes
Ummm… yeah

– The Devil Wears Prada
This one looks like it has LOADS of potential. meryl Streep couldn’t turn in a bad performance even if she tried, and Anne Hathaway… well who cares… she’s just fun to look at!

– Pathfinder
This is the one I’m most interested in. “the story concerns the little-known skirmishes that took place between the Vikings and Native Americans a thousand years ago. When a Viking boy is left behind, he is adopted and raised as an Indian despite his straw-blonde hair. When a Viking raid wipes out his village, he becomes his adopted people’s savior in battling the Norsemen.”

– My Super Ex-Girlfriend
As dumb as the idea sounds, I’m really looking forward to this one. “MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND, Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thinks he’s finally found the perfect girlfriend, the beautiful Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) – who just so happens to be a superhero. When Jenny/G-Girl becomes overly possessive, Matt wants to call it quits – but how do you break up with a superhero? A scorned woman, Jenny/G-Girl unleashes on her ex the full fury of her super-powered wrath as she sets out on a no-holds-barred mission to bust up Matt’s budding romance with his co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris). ”

– John Tucker Must Die
I don’t even want to talk about this one

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13 thoughts on “20th Century Fox 2006 Summer Line Up

  1. Regardless of how great Xmen 3 is thought to be, everyone who’s a fan will go see it.
    And regarding “Garfield”, it’s a kid movie. So it probaly sucked to us, but for kids, it made their day.

  2. I definatly want to see X3 but i dont think i am as excited as i should be, I’m just worried how its going to turn out. Bryan Singer did a fantastic job of the first two films and I really thought he would do the third… Oh well, we’ll see what happens….

  3. ..or you need to word your posts more carefully so others don’t misinterpet you.
    I just wonder what you’ll say when those pics regarding the Sentienels show up (and I’m sure they eventually will)

    But, while we are on the subject…here’s my X-3 nitpick.
    The X-3 website.

    What do think, John? Two months before the film is out…and there’s no wallpaper,AIM icons, screensavers, contests, news, zippo. Just the generic cast pics and the two trailers.
    Is this cause for alarm?

    – The Inquiry Mind

  4. Yes, pretty much in order.

    Granted, you tend to do this slight irritating habit with a good chunk of films saying how you are looking forward to them, only to nitpick a few weeks later and find something to be concerned about. Concerning X3, it is true most of your negative comments came in the latter half of 2005, in 2006 thus far, you appear to go back and forth. Here is a brief sampling:

    This week: ” At this point I’m betting it will be the worst of the 3 X-Men films… but still fun.” That’s a contradiction, John. Either that, or you should use another word than ‘worst’. Because if your bet it is that it is bad (worst) how, then, do you percieve it as ‘fun’?

    4/10: “X-Men is the best comic adaptation franchise in history” [sounds positive]

    3/20: “I think it looks really good.” (bootleg footage) [positive]

    2/28: “There has been more bad news than good coming out of X-Men 3 land” [slight negative]

    2/10: “Yikes! Well… here’s hoping (Ratner) he can pull it off. I’m nervous about the X-Men again.” (You questioned Ratner’s direction and the time crunch he was under and how it will hurt the film, despite the pluses of Kelsey Grammar as Beast) [negative; but you liked Beast pix and Vinnie Jones was starting to win you over]

    So, yes, John, by your POV perhaps you are being won over and going towards more positives, but then you come up and say ‘I think this will be worst of the three films.”
    No, I am not mis-representing you. You are either contradicting yourself with this hate it/unsure if this will work to like/love it to more uncertianty.

    – D Sealer

  5. I don’t like Fox’s summer line-up.

    As for X-Men 3: The Last Stand, I don’t care if it is crap, solid, good, or great; I plan on seeing this movie on the first day of it’s release. Hey, the release is on Sunday; NO WAY am I going to pass that chance!

  6. I don’t like Fox’s summer line-up.

    As for X-Men 3: The Last Stand, I don’t care if it is crap, solid, good, or great; I plan on seeing this movie on the first day of it’s release. Hey, the release is on Sunday; NO WAY am I going to pass that chance!

  7. Hey Darren,

    Ummm… have you been reading my posts in order? I’ve slowly been getting more and more hope for X3. Yes, at one point I thought it was going to totally suck… but my expectations have raised a little.

    Your comment really misrepresents me.

  8. Here we go again.

    John Campea says “X-Men 3 does not look good”, then says “it looks good” then “this is looking horrible” then it is “this is going to be good”…bad, great, sucks, sweet…
    arrrghhh!! Now it’s “I think it will be the worst of the X-Men films, but still be fun” Yeah right. Whatever. Enough already. Play pessimist when footage/photos of the sentienels are released if you must (obviously this is the film’s trump card) or just wait for another two months. Either you are looking foward to it or you are not.

    As for ‘Garfield”? Not expecting much, but it’l be aimed towards the younger set. It will depend on what films it opens against.

    The Omen? Bush isn’t the Antichrist; it is the person who thought they can improve on the original. You know something? Why is a new ‘Omen’ needed anyway? That trailer wasn’t scary; what they needed was one of those big ass guard dogs or a re-creation of the nanny falling off the stairway, or someone seeing a photo w/ a Spike through them. Result? Hell with the 666 brat. That’s right! HELL!

    “Pathfinder” looks interesting, sounds original, and if it doesn’t get bumped to the fall, I think it is one of the pictures which have no baggage. It isn’t a sequel or remake. Depending on who they are up against, this film will be one of the better offerings of the summer. Or is it TOO different? I think Fox might push this one between August or November 2006.

    “Prada”- I was slightly disappointed in ‘Prime’, Streep’s previous film which one joke ran out of steam quickly. Still, I always liked Streep. Anne Hathaway? Other than a pair of melons, what is her talent, really?

    Who’s John Tucker?

    -Who’s Sealer? Me!

  9. Jesus, not another Garfield movie. The first one was bad enough for heavens sake.

    I might see the Omen if there not much on at that time, or I can watch X3 again(if it’s fantastic)

    X3 is the movie I’m looking most forward to in that summer line up.

  10. “Pathfinder” has a good premise and Clancy Brown, but the director is another video to feature directowith only the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake to his credit. So, I’m out.

    I completely agree with you about “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”. I’ll catch this one. Uma!

    The top of my list is “Garfield 2”. I hear it’s getting an R rating because of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s 10 minute long full frontal nude scene.

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