Rumor: Robin Williams could be Nolans’ Hugo Strange

Casting rumors don’t seem to be slowing down at all around Christopher Nolan’s 3rd Batman film! Cinemablend posted an interesting rumor that Robin Williams may have a part in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film as another possible villain to concern our caped crusader.

Cinemablend via Batman On Film

This evening the web has been aflutter with rumors that Robin Williams will play Dr. Hugo Strange. It all seems to stem from a tweet by Batman On Film, but as Caped Crusader sources go, they’re among the most trustworthy.

Nolan has a thing for putting 3 villains in these Batman films and I really didn’t expect him to buck the trend with this one. So far we have our Selina Kyle and Bane in place and now the idea of Robin Williams portraying Dr. Strange rounds everything out. I have no problem with the idea of Robin Williams playing this role because, bottom line, I think he’s a fantastic dramatic actor. This guy has nailed roles where he plays some disturbed, often psychotic, doctor or photo developer and I think he could actually fit in rather well with the rest of the cast adding some more appreciable talent to make a great film.

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29 thoughts on “Rumor: Robin Williams could be Nolans’ Hugo Strange

  1. not a good actor he could awesomely pull off an old crippled poppeye lookin insane hugo strange creepy and grungy or throw you all for a loop and nolan will have him as the joker just strangely aged in arkham driving a blake lively Harlee Quinn into obsession

  2. it wasn’t Williams a year ago complainig that he wants to act in the next Nolan movie as the riddler?

    This rumor can be true, because if my memory isn’t bad he wanted to be in a Nolan Batman movie, and act as Dr. Hugo Strange is a great chance to him.

    My worry about this movie is that the 3 villians knows the identity of Batman and they are not crazy like the classic batman characters (maybe Dr. Hugo but he isn’t a main character).

  3. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these announcements or rumours were completely false. I think the studio is just trying to create hype for the movie and….its working! One of Nolan’s main desire is bring new characters to the screen. We’ve already seen catwoman (twice) and bane. Unless any of the actors announce that they are playing a particular character in the new batman movie I will be highly skeptical!

    In a pure guess I don’t think gangsters will play as big a role as they have in the previous two movies. I think Batman Begins and the Dark Knight show a natural trend in the extinction of traditional mob gangs.

  4. Not completely on subject here but I met Robin Williams some years back, maybe in 2001 or 2002 and he was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet and remarkably CALM. He really was more like the character in 1 hour photo and Insomnia than you would think.

    Also VERY short…and HAIRY…VERY HAIRY.

      1. Couldn’t respond to you for some reason on your above post–What I meant was major villains. In the Dark Knight, besides The Joker and Two-Face, who was the other major villain? In Batman Begins, other than Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul, who’s the other major villain? I guess you could argue Carmine Falcone was the third, but I wouldn’t say he was as central to the story as the other two.

    1. Hence the title – “rumor”

      To me, it’s video game thinking. They saw how cool Hugo Strange looked in Arkham City and would really like to this transfer to the big screen.

      1. Yes, but some rumors sound more credible than others..this one appears to be clear bullshit. Personally I hope it’s untrue. Williams isn’t a good actor. He’s basically himself in every film he’s in. He’s not capable of a lot of range.

      2. You need to watch more movies with Williams in it if you think this guy has no range.

        There is a difference between doing a lot of the same kind of movies and the ability to do something else. Williams can, but its far easier for him to coast on what works so he does a lot of the other.

      1. Yeah I’ve seen many of his films, and I have never really been impressed with him. I’ve seen every film he’s been nominated for. Personally, I’ve never felt he was ever magnificent. But clearly some people do. Then again, many people believe Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor, and I think he’s a joke. The reason I feel this rumor is bullshit is because I don’t think Nolan is going to cast more than two villains. No, we do not know for absolute certainty that Selina Kyle will be the villain at this point in time, but I think it is likely. Why do I think this rumor is bullshit? Well, for starters, this isn’t the first time Robin Williams has been rumored to be in this film. A while back, he was rumored to play the Riddler after he expressed interest in the role and we know that’s not going to happen. It’s entirely possible that Nolan will incorporate three villains in this film, but I sincerely doubt it.

  5. Well the strange thing is that he really hasn’t reused much of the actors that he worked with on Memento and Insomnia. Guy Pierce, Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank haven’t appeared in multiple Nolan films.

  6. Does everyone seam to forget the fact that Robin Williams ahs worked with Christopher Nolan before in a little movie which Nolan directed called “Insomnia” where Williams was the serial killer pursued by Al Pacino. Nolan seams to like re-using talent he has worked in the past with, and there’s no doubt that Williams would be able to bring out an incredible performance as Hugo Strange.

  7. Love Robin Williams. I’m pretty sure he’d nail any villain in the Batman pantheon (wasn’t there talk of him being the Joker in the 1989 Tim Burton version?). That said, I really hope Nolan doesn’t “over-bad-guy” this film. Crowding too many antagonists in one film was one of the biggest problems in the last franchise and I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake.
    However, Nolan rarely makes mistakes, so I’m going to have to trust him here.

  8. i think this would be a wonderful choice. Robin Williams is an amazing actor. In 1 hour photo, he was superb. I think he can pull it off if the rumors are true.

    I believe in Nolan. He can do no wrong!

  9. If this is true I love it. I’m just kinda confused, cuz Bane learned about Batman’s identity and so did Hugo Strange, and come to think of it so does Catwoman/Selina Kyle. I don’t know how this would all play out, but I’m sure Christopher Nolan’s got it covered.

  10. The key to a successful film with Robin Williams in it, is restraint. You’ve got to restrain him. If you let him run amok, it’ll be a train wreck. If you control him and focus his energy, it could be spectacular.

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