The Rock Joins Get Smart

Ok, as if I wasn’t already amazing hyped to see the new Get Smart movie with Steve Carell taking over the lead role from the immortal Don Adams (da da da da da In-spect-tor Gad-get, da da da da da daaa daaa Oooo Oooo) and the crazy tasty Anne Hathaway (seriously… how hot is this girl????). I remember watching re-runs of the original show when I was a little kid. I loved it.

Now apparently they’ve added another cast member. The Rock. The good folks over at Movie Hole give us this:

he Rock has snagged a role in the feature film version of “Get Smart”, starring Carell as bumbling agent, Maxwell Smart. Big Dwayne has real personality – and though the film sucked, you have to admit, he was sweet funny in “Be Cool”. Very amusing. He even showed his comedic side in “The Rundown”, too. Can’t wait to see what director Peter Segal has him doing here. Apparently he’s playing a new character – i.e. a character that wasn’t in the original TV series – named Agent 23. I assume he’ll be some sort of ‘Top Spy’ that’s constantly showing blundering Max up.

WooHoo sign me up! Ever since taking on acting (and he did it the right way, started small, got tons of lessons and a full time acting coach, ect. ect.) the guy has impressed me. More so with his unbelievable amount of pure natural charm and charisma… it seriously off the charts.

I think he’ll be fantastic to play off of Carell. 2008 feels so far away.

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7 thoughts on “The Rock Joins Get Smart

  1. I think John might be alittle in the Rock’s bull tattoo! LOL

    Looks interesting, but 08 ain’t the far off. Unless you think about this movie every day until it’s release (sorry, TF nudge there).


  2. Anne is smarter that Scarlett. I’d date Anne and leave Scarlett on the curb.

    Oh, and I like the idea of “Agent 23”. I think it’s more of a bit role, though. What I’m more curious about…oh man…what was his name…? The evil agent “wid da” German KOAS agent played by Berie Copell?

    With Steve Carell as Smart, this will rule.
    Just no Nude Bombs, please. Thank You.

  3. I definitely don’t think Anne Hathaway is “hot”

    She is beautiful and classy, but does not exude the same sex appeal as a Salma or Scarlett. However, this is only partly on how she holds/styles her self. If she could definitely be good enough to play 99. Just noting a different between what I personally hot and beautiful. Hathaway seems to be a little more reserved.

  4. I’d fuck the rock like crazy. Just wanted to say that.

    Just hope he doesn’t stink up the joint. He’s funny as hell in wwe and interviews, but put him onscreen and he turns into The Wooden.

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