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Matthew Chauncey X-Men 97

X-Men ’97 Season 3 Gets a New Lead Writer

Got some news about the future of your favorite mutant squad and writer Matthew Chauncey. Disney+‘s “X-Men ’97” reboot of the classic 90s cartoon was a smash hit, leaving fans wanting more mutant mayhem. But with a new writer stepping in for Season 3, things get a little…interesting.

Here’s the deal: Beau DeMayo, the mastermind behind the first two seasons, is out. Enter Matthew Chauncey, a writer with some experience in the Marvel universe (think “What If… ?” and “Ms. Marvel“). Big shoes to fill, right?

Now, “X-Men ’97” was a total win. Critics loved it, fans devoured it, and it racked up the views on Disney+. So, Chauncey has his work cut out for him. Can he capture the magic of DeMayo’s vision and keep the X-Men train rolling?

Here’s what we know so far:

  • New Writer, New Stories? Chauncey takes the reins for Season 3, with Season 2 scripts already getting some tweaks. Will he stick to DeMayo’s plan, or take the X-Men in a whole new direction? Only time will tell.
  • Familiar Faces: The voice cast is back for more, with the likes of Ray Chase as Cyclops and Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey leading the charge. Get ready for some classic X-Men action with a fresh voice behind the scenes.
  • Proven, But Unproven: Chauncey’s got experience in the Marvel world, but “X-Men ’97” is a different beast (pun intended). Can he translate his skills from “What If…?” and “Ms. Marvel” to a full-fledged X-Men adventure?

This is a big gamble for Marvel. “X-Men ’97” is a nostalgic goldmine, and fans are fiercely loyal. Chauncey has a chance to become a legend, but he also has the potential to disappoint.

Here’s hoping he steps up and delivers a Season 3 that’s just as epic (or maybe even more epic) than the first two. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, and you should too. The future of the X-Men on Disney+ might just depend on it.

(Source: Deadline)


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