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Beau De Mayo X-Men '97

X-Men ’97 Showrunner Beau DeMayo Fired

Attention, fellow mutants and curious onlookers! We’ve got some intriguing news hotter than a Phoenix Force tantrum. Brace yourselves, because the mastermind behind Disney+‘s animated series “X-Men ’97,” Beau DeMayo, has been let go. Yes, you heard it right: DeMayo’s exit is more mysterious than Mystique’s true form. But why? Was it a mutant feud? A cosmic alignment? Or did he accidentally spill coffee on Professor X’s Cerebro? Let’s dive into this drama like Nightcrawler into a teleportation frenzy.

He’d just wrapped up Seasons 1 and 2 of “X-Men ’97,” high-fiving Cyclops and sharing secret mutant handshakes. But then *poof!* he vanished like a stealthy Shadowcat. No Hollywood premiere for him. His Instagram? Deleted. It’s like he stepped into a time portal (or maybe just took a vacation to the Savage Land).

Why the sudden exit? Did he accidentally turn Beast’s fur pink during a script meeting? Or maybe he tried to replace Wolverine’s claws with baguette slices (because every mutant needs a snack). The truth is shrouded in more mystery than Jean Grey’s Phoenix saga. Some say he challenged Gambit to a card-throwing contest. Others claim he accidentally summoned Mojo from another dimension. Either way, it’s a mutant-sized enigma.

Beyond “X-Men ’97,” DeMayo’s been weaving spells across the Marvel universe. Remember “Moon Knight”? Yep, that’s his handiwork, starring Oscar Isaac as the moon’s brooding BFF. And hold onto your vibranium shields: DeMayo’s scripting “Blade,” with Mahershala Ali as the vampire-slaying daywalker. But wait, there’s more! He’s dipped his quill into “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” Netflix’s “The Witcher” (Henry Cavill in leather armor: hubba hubba), and even animated “League of Legends” shorts. The guy’s busier than Deadpool at a chimichanga buffet.

Now, let’s talk about “X-Men ’97.” The OG mutants are back, folks! Professor Charles Xavier is allegedly pushing up daisies. But guess who’s got his last will and testament? Magneto, the master of metal manipulation. What’s in there? A recipe for mutant enchiladas? A playlist titled “Telepathic Grooves”? Nah, it’s probably just a note: “Dear Magneto, water my bonsai tree and keep your helmet out of my fridge.”

Who’s suiting up for this nostalgia trip? Wolverine’s sharpening his claws, Cyclops is recalibrating his optic blasts, and Jean Grey’s practicing her telekinesis (no broken vases this time). Storm’s checking the weather forecast (spoiler: thunderstorms), and Jubilee’s perfecting her fireworks show. Beast is reading Shakespeare to the Danger Room, Gambit’s dealing cards like a mutant croupier, and Morph…well, Morph’s just being Morph. Bishop’s flexing his biceps, and Professor X? He’s either sipping cosmic tea or playing chess with Death herself.

So, whether DeMayo’s exit was a cosmic hiccup or a mutant conspiracy, “X-Men ’97” promises more drama than Magneto’s helmet collection. Tune in, grab your mutant snacks, and remember: When life gives you adamantium, make metaphorical pancakes. And when life fires your showrunner, just blame it on Mojo. He’s used to taking the fall.

Stay mutant, stay marvelous, and may your mutant powers never glitch during a crucial battle. Excelsior!

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