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Dark Matter Episode 3

Dark Matter Ep. 3: Boxed In, Shook, and Confused (Apple TV+ Recap)

Parallel pals, buckle up! We’re diving deep into Dark Matter Episode 3, on Apple TV+, and things are getting crazier than a Kanye fashion show. This episode finally unveils the secrets of that mysterious box, and let’s just say, it’s a total game-changer. Our boy, Jason-1 (the real one, not the discount doppelganger Jason-2), is in a tight spot. Think Fifty Shades of Grey, but way less sexy and way more “handcuffed-to-a-bed-witnessing-trauma” vibes. Meanwhile, Jason-2 is living the dream life with the perfect wife, the cute kid, and zero existential dread. But hold on, this dream might just turn into a nightmare.

Spoiler alert (you’ve been warned!): We uncover some mind-blowing truths about Jason’s past and a shocking secret about his family. This episode throws plot twists and existential dread at you like they’re going out of style. But fear not, fam! Your resident movie reviewer, Anthony from Rubix Cube Reviews, is here to break it all down.

Dark Matter Episode 3: The Good

Dark Matter Episode 3 Alice BragaThis episode of Dark Matter delivers on the suspense, finally revealing some secrets about the mysterious box and its connection to Jason’s past. The exploration of the psychological toll of the situation adds another layer of depth, making us question Jason’s sanity alongside him. We also get some laugh-out-loud moments, particularly with Dawn’s… mishap, and with Jason-2’s awkward attempts to fit in.

Dark Matter Episode 3: The Bad

Dark Matter Episode 3While the multiple Jasons keep things interesting, it can be a little confusing to keep track of who’s who at times. The episode throws a lot of information at viewers, and some plot points feel rushed, leaving us wanting more explanation.


Dark Matter Episode 3 is a mind-bending rollercoaster ride that will leave you questioning everything. The episode expertly cranks up the suspense as we finally get a glimpse inside the mysterious box and its connection to Jason’s past. Prepare for some head-scratching moments as the show explores the psychological impact of this mind-bending technology. While some plot points feel a tad rushed, the episode delivers its fair share of laughs and keeps things interesting with the introduction of… well, let’s just say more than one Jason. Overall, this episode is a must-watch for fans of sci-fi thrillers who enjoy a healthy dose of confusion with their entertainment.

(Dark Matter on AppleTV+)

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Dark Matter Ep. 3: Boxed In, Shook, and Confused (Apple TV+ Recap)
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